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Fatalities Reported At Mass Funeral For Riot Dead In Egypt

At least three people are reported dead. The funerals were being held for 35 people killed Saturday in anti-government rioting. The violence erupted after an Egyptian court sentenced 21 people to death for their role in a deadly soccer riot last year.

Mali Crisis Likely To Dominate Summit Of African Leaders

The French-led intervention against Islamist rebels is gaining strength. African military chiefs say a minimum of 5,000 regional troops are needed to join the intervention against the rebels.

More Than 200 Killed In Brazilian Nightclub Blaze

At least 232 people are dead and 100 injured in the fire that broke out during a college party at Kiss, a nightclub in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul state. The toll could make it one of the deadliest nightclub fires in more than a decade.

Latest Battle In Mali Has Deep Roots

Host Rachel Martin talks with Gregory Mann, an associate professor of history at Columbia University and an expert on Mali and North-West Africa, about the origins of the fighting in northern Mali.

The Love Song That Marked A Shift In French-German Relations

Last week marked the 50th anniversary of the Elysee Treaty, ending more than two centuries of hostility between Germany and France. The song "Goettingen," written by a young Jewish French singer at the time, represented a peaceful bridge between the countries. Host Rachel Martin talks to German political scientist Dieter Dettke, who studied in France in the early '60s and remembers hearing the song.