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Incumbent Sarkozy Faces French Presidential Runoff

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and socialist challenger Francois Hollande will face off next month in a presidential runoff. Anti-immigrant candidate Marine Le Pen came in a surprisingly strong third place.

In Bahrain, Protesters Kept Away From Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel won the Bahrain Grand Prix over the weekend, but in a larger sense the winners were the race organizers. They managed to hold the race which was canceled last year by political unrest, which was part of the uprisings of the Arab Spring. Bill Law, of the British Broadcasting Corporation, talks to Steve Inskeep about the weekend's events in Bahrain.

Deal Reached On U.S.-Afghan Strategic Partnership

U.S. and Afghan officials have finalized their partnership agreement, which sets up guidelines for U.S. involvement as American forces leave that country. Details have not been released, but both governments hope the agreement will put to rest doubts about a long term American commitment to support Afghanistan.

Germany Debates Fate Of State-Owned Banks

Unlike the United States, Germany never had a housing bubble. Its mortgage market is too tightly regulated. But some German banks did lose a lot of money in the financial crisis. The network of institutions called landesbanks have became a cautionary tale about risky investing.

France's Sarkozy Faces Election Runoff

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is heading for a runoff in the race for the presidency. After a first round of voting, he trailed Socialist Francois Hollande. Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen finished a strong third. The top two candidates head to a runoff May 6.

French President Sarkozy Faces Runoff Elections

He faces Socialist Francois Hollande who led in the first round of voting. French voters defied expectations and handed a surprisingly strong third-place showing to far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. The vote was seen as a referendum on Sarkozy at a time when many French voters are worried about the economy.

Bahrain Car Race: A Complicated Political Reminder

On Sunday morning, Formula One racing cars are competing for first place in a controversial race in the Arab kingdom of Bahrain. Violent anti-government protests have continued in the run-up to the race. Host Rachel Martin talks with Nabeel Rajab, president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights.