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Four Possible Post-Election Moves For Greece, France

After a weekend election that created even more potential uncertainty for both countries, observers weigh in on what could happen next.

Greek, French Voters Hope For Fresh Start

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and a number of Greek incumbents in parliament became the latest victims of growing frustration among voters across Europe over the ongoing debt crisis and widespread austerity measures. President-elect Francois Hollande has promised France a "fresh start."

What Putin's Latest Election Says About Russia

Protesters and police collided in Moscow as Vladimir Putin again took the oath of office as president of Russia for his third term. Former ambassador Stephen Sestanovich from the Council on Foreign Relations talks about whether the "new" Putin will be different from the Putin of his first two terms.

The Visual South, Part I: Unseen Scenes Of Guantanamo

North Carolina photographer Christopher Sims has been to Guantanamo Bay twice to capture the things he thinks are overlooked.

Hostage In Pakistan Is Aid Expert

Warren Weinstein was kidnapped last August. Al-Qaida says he'll be released if the U.S. stops airstrikes in Pakistan and elsewhere. Weinstein says in a new video that he'll be killed if President Obama doesn't agree to the demands.

Chinese-Americans React To Dissident Dispute

Chinese human rights activist Chen Guangcheng is in a Beijing hospital, hoping to eventually come to the U.S. to study. But what do Chinese-Americans think of him, and the diplomatic tension he sparked between the U.S. and China? Host Michel Martin discusses reactions with Sherry Zhang, host of a Mandarin-language call-in show in California.