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Struggling U.S. Economy Drags Down The World

A slower U.S. economy is hurting demand for Chinese exports at a time when China's own economic growth is cooling down. And European leaders see the U.S. jobless numbers as bad political news.

Egypt Braces For Verdict In Hosni Mubarak Trial

Ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak could face the death penalty if he is convicted on charges of corruption and complicity in the deaths of protesters during last year's revolution. But some analysts say that the prosecution's case was weak, and that the former leader may be acquitted.

As Greeks Withdraw Cash, Banks Grow Vulnerable

Greek businesses and individuals have been steadily withdrawing euros, which has weakened Greek banks. This trend could be hard to reverse because Greeks fear a departure from the eurozone and a return to the drachma would wipe out much of their savings.

Crazy For The Queen's Diamond Jubilee? Here's A Guide To The Guides

Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebration — marking 60 years on the throne — looks like it will be quite a show. Sunday's huge flotilla alone is predicted to be "the most spectacular nautical event seen in London for 350 years."

Obama 'Sped Up Wave Of Cyberattacks Against Iran,' Says 'NYT'

Even after the existence of the Stuxnet virus was revealed, the administration kept to its plan to use cyberweapons against Iran, the newspaper reports. It accelerated an effort begun under President George W. Bush.