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British Bank Settles After Hiding Iranian Transactions

The British bank accused of using its New York branch to launder money from international transaction has agreed to pay New York's top banking regulator $340 million. Regulators said the bank schemed to hide more than 60,000 financial transactions totaling $250 billion for Iranian clients. The bank denied the charges. Audie Cornish talks with Jim Zarroli.

Germans Confront The Costs Of A Nuclear-Free Future

Germany has announced plans for a total nuclear phaseout in 10 years and an ambitious transition to renewable energy. But one big challenge is distribution, and new power lines are planned. Opposition is growing among Germans who say the power-grid expansion will hurt their homes, land and lives.

Alpine Championship Attracts Finger Wrestlers

According to the German news site The Local, 150 men turned out for the Alpine Finger Wrestling Championship. Think tug of war but in this case, each competitor locks a finger through a leather loop. The goal is to drag an opponent across the table.

Once Safe, Cairo's Streets Now Plagued By Crime

Egypt's criminals are among those who have benefited from the country's revolution. Cairo, once known as a safe city, has seen a rise in lawless behavior, including everything from sexual assaults to carjackings, bank thefts to kidnappings.