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'Pope Emeritus' Benedict XVI Will Wear White, But Trade In Red Shoes

Outgoing Benedict XVI will be referred to as "His Holiness" and carry the title of "pope emeritus," the Vatican says.

Scientists Trace Origin Of Destructive Russia Meteor

The Chelyabinsk meteor was part of a group of Earth-crossing objects known as Apollo asteroids, scientists believe.

'The Worm' Turns Up In North Korea: Dennis Rodman Is On Visit

The flamboyant former NBA star, now 51, has gone to the communist country for some basketball diplomacy and to take part in a film being made for HBO.

Female Sherpa Makes Record Climbs

Few can say they've reached the summit of Mt. Everest. Even fewer can say they've done it twice. And only one woman can say she's done it twice in one month.

Tourist Tragedy In Egypt: Hot Air Balloon Catches Fire; Many Aboard Killed

The death toll is reported to be near 20. What caused the fire and crash has yet to be determined. Balloon rides over the ancient city of Luxor and nearby historic sites are popular among tourists. Those killed are said to have been from Japan, Britain, Belgium and France.

With Election Results Split, Political Gridlock Looms In Italy

The Democratic Party came in first by a slim majority, but it can't govern alone. The big surprise was the success of the new anti-establishment, anti-austerity Five Star Movement. Newspaper headlines call the country ungovernable, and the prospect of gridlock has spooked financial markets.