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U.S. To Send Heavy Armor To Eastern Europe

Defense Secretary Ash Carter heads to Europe to unveil plans to deploy tanks and other heavy armor in the Baltic states and Eastern Europe. Russia says the move is provocative and may send more armor to its Western borders.

Senate Votes To Push Forward White House Trade Plans

The Senate cleared a big hurdle Tuesday in an elaborate plan crafted by Republican leaders to get President Obama what he wants on trade, despite significant opposition from Democrats.

Russian Relations 'Extremely Tense' As U.S. Sends Armor To Eastern Europe

NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Mark Katz, a professor of government and politics at George Mason University, about U.S.-Russia relations on issues such as the Iran nuclear agreement and Syria.

Iraqi Soldiers, Generals Shift The Blame For Battlefield Defeats

A soldier blames poor leadership for the recent loss of Ramadi. A pair of generals blame everything from corruption to a lack of training and weapons. Will this ever be an effective fighting force?

The Mural That Made A Photographer Stop In His Tracks

When Pulitzer winner Patrick Farrell saw the painting on a Port-au-Prince wall, he waited for the right moment, then started snapping.

Best Frenemies: Japan, Korea Mark 50th Anniversary Despite Rivalry

A half-century ago, Japan and South Korea normalized diplomatic ties. But to celebrate, both are having to put aside long-standing bitterness that has never completely gone away.

Pot For Parasites? Pygmy Men Smoke Out Intestinal Worms

When it comes to reefer madness, nobody can top a group of traditional hunter-gatherers in the Congo Basin. About 70 percent of men smoke cannabis. The drug could be doing more than getting them high.

In The Japanese Tea Ceremony, Politics Are Served With Every Cup

The ritual drinking of this ancient beverage — often thought of as the epitome of Japanese restraint and formality — has long been entwined with issues of power and national identity.
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The Greek Debt Crisis And The Threat To The Eurozone

Greece offers its creditors what's been called a last-ditch bail-out plan: The latest on the debt crisis and its ongoing threat to the eurozone.


At Long Last, Small Spanish Town Changes 'Kill The Jews' Name

The people voted in favor of the name change and it finally became official on Tuesday. The name dates back to 1627, when historians believe Jewish residents converted to Catholicism.