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Japan's Butter Shortage Whips Its Cake Makers Into A Frenzy

For the Japanese, Christmastime means sponge cake. But a nationwide butter shortage has lead to mandatory butter rationing, forcing cake bakers to seek out substitutes.

Alan Gross' Release: How It Went Down

American Alan Gross had spent more than five years in a Cuban prison where he suffered ill health. Then, on Tuesday, his lawyer, Scott Gilbert, told him in a phone call that he was going home.

From White House's Perspective, Cuban Embargo Hasn't Worked

The U.S. broke off relations with Cuba the year President Obama was born. Now, he's trying a different approach having resolved one issue — the jailing of a U.S. aid worker.

Some Cuban-Americans Angry With Release Of Spies

We hear reaction from Miami's Cuban-American community on announced changes to U.S. policy toward the island.

Shift In U.S.-Cuba Relationship Comes After 55 Years Of Tension

We look back over the more than 50 years the U.S. has had an antagonistic relationship with the Cuban government.

Alan Gross Release Paves Way For New Chapter In U.S.-Cuba Relations

President Obama announced an historic shift in U.S.-Cuban relations, drawing bipartisan support and criticism.

We're Down To 5 Northern White Rhinos: Is It Too Late For Babies?

With the death of a northern white rhino in San Diego's zoo this week, researchers are working to see whether they can save the species. They'd better hurry — only five remain.

In Gaza, The Specter Of ISIS Proves Useful To Both Sides

The Islamic State is not believed to be in the Gaza Strip. But a flier in its name was recently sent around the territory. Both Israel and Hamas are trying to use it to their advantage.

Dreaming Up A Safer, Cooler PPE For Ebola Fighters

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University are revamping the Ebola suit. They've come up with a design that's safer, cooler and easier to take off than the space suits currently in use in West Africa.

Alan Gross, U.S. Contractor Freed By Cuba, Says 'It's Good To Be Home'

Havana freed Gross, who spent five years in a Cuban prison, as a humanitarian gesture. The former USAID contractor said he hoped the U.S. and Cuba move past their "mutually belligerent" policies.