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Chinese Activist Leaves Beijing For U.S.

Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng and his family have been cleared to leave China and travel to the U.S. They are scheduled to land in Newark, N.J., on Saturday afternoon. Host Scott Simon talks with NPR's Frank Langfitt about the latest developments.

Violence Haunts Zimbabwe Ahead Of Elections

Zimbabwe's 2008 elections were marred by extreme violence. In the aftermath, the country's two main political parties were forced to share power. Now, elections are once again on the horizon. As Anders Kelto reports, the violence is escalating while many are still trying to heal.

In Turkey, Debating A Woman's Right To Bear Arms

Hundreds of Turkish women die each year at the hands of men, often their husband or a family member, and many more are routinely abused. Activists say the police and legal response has been dismal. One group has issued a controversial proposal: arming at-risk women and training them in self-defense.

Are 8 Heads Better Than 1 At Fixing Europe's Debt?

The Group of Eight is meeting at Camp David this weekend. The setting is leisurely, but there's nothing relaxing about the timing of the summit. While leaders may agree about the need for growth in the debt-ridden European economy, addressing the crisis is easier said than done.

In Change, Palestinians Now Seek High-Profile Visits

For decades, the Palestinians have urged foreign Muslims to boycott one of the holiest sites in Islam, the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. But now, Palestinian religious figures are encouraging such visits, saying they could highlight Palestinian claims in their feud with Israel.
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Reporting From Inside: The AP's North Korea News Bureau

North Korea is one of the most restricted countries in the world, yet the Associated Press established a news bureau there earlier this year. Find out how they did it, and how they'll ensure their reporting is accurate and uncensored.


Hollande, Obama Talk Greece Before G-8 Summit

New French President Francois Hollande visited President Obama at this White House on Friday afternoon. The two leaders will also travel to Camp David for the G-8 economic summit.