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Pakistan Signals Afghan Supply Route Will Reopen

With Pakistani President Zardari given a last-minute invitation to the NATO summit, U.S. and Pakistani officials were scrambling to finish a deal that would allow NATO supply convoys to pass through Pakistani territory on their way to Afghanistan. The convoys have been halted since last November's errant cross-border U.S. airstrikes that left 24 Pakistani soldiers dead.

Mineral-Rich Mongolia Rapidly Becoming 'Mine-golia'

Mongolia is in the midst of a dramatic economic boom as huge mining operations look to reshape the country. Some predict Mongolia's GDP will double in a decade. But this economic overhaul could put further pressure on Mongolia's traditional way of life.

Change Comes To Saudi Arabia, In Slow Motion

After the Arab Spring, Saudi rulers still have a firm hand on the country and its oil wealth. But in a country known for its restrictions, many people here are speaking openly about the need for democratic change.

In This Russian Trial, The Defendant Is A Dead Man

Sergei Magnitsky was a tax lawyer for an investment fund in Russia that was seized by tax police who extracted more than $230 million in illegal refunds for themselves. Magnitsky decided to investigate, was arrested and later died in prison. Now, the government is bringing him to trial "to protect themselves," human rights groups say.

A Windborne Clue To A Mysterious Childhood Disease

Not a lot is known about Kawasaki disease. It affects children under 4 and is more common in Asia, particularly Japan, but more than 4,000 American children contract it every year. One of its secrets may now be revealed, but it took climate researchers to help spot it.

At NATO Summit, Obama Says 'Hard Days' Ahead For Afghanistan

World leaders are meeting with President Obama in his hometown of Chicago for a two-day NATO summit focused heavily on Afghanistan.
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Obama, World Leaders Tout Economic Growth After G8

World leaders gathered at Camp David for the G8 summit agreed that some focus on economic growth amid austerity will be necessary to get Europe back on its feet.