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U.N. General Assembly: 'No Validity' For Crimea Referendum

In a rebuke of Moscow, the 193-member body votes to condemn Russia's annexation of the Black Sea peninsula.

Congress Approves Ukraine Aid, Sanctions On Russia

The House and Senate have passed versions of a bill to grant $1 billion in loan guarantees to Kiev and impose economic penalties on Moscow for Russia's annexation of Crimea.

After Blocking Twitter, Turkey Moves To Stop YouTube

Angered by leaks to social media, the Turkish government tries to block access to the video-sharing site just days after attempting to shut down Turkish tweets.
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Afghanistan After Karzai: A Washington-Kabul Town Hall

Afghanistan is at a crossroads as Hamid Karzai's presidency ends and international troops prepare to leave. We connect residents of Washington and Kabul to talk about what comes next.


German Man To Return Paintings From Cache Of Stolen Nazi Art

A lawyer for Cornelius Gurlitt, whose father was an art dealer in the Third Reich, says his client will begin with returning a valuable Matisse to the descendants of the Jewish owner.

'Do It For Denmark' Video Urges Danes To Go All The Way

Need a break from the day's serious news? A humorous campaign from a travel company is urging couples to boost Denmark's population growth by, well, getting busy.

A Booming Economy Doesn't Save Children From Malnutrition

It seems to make sense that economic growth automatically leads to better nutrition for children, and better health. But an analysis of 36 countries finds that's not true.

Why Taiwanese Students Stormed The Government

A trade deal allowing Chinese investment in more service sectors was the provocation. But the real issue is Taiwan's sense that it's losing its identity and being overwhelmed by its powerful neighbor.

Sentenced To Death 46 Years Ago, Japanese Man Is Now Free

Iwao Hakamada, now 78, is thought to have been awaiting execution longer than anyone else in the world. But newly analyzed DNA evidence has led to an order that he be retried.

Planes Turn Back, But Ships Continue Search For Flight 370

The Malaysia Airlines jet vanished nearly three weeks ago, and weather is hindering the search. A new satellite image shows some 300 objects in the Indian Ocean. But no jet debris has been recovered.