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In Pakistan, Sounds Of A Different Kind Of Drone

The thought of bagpipes usually conjures up images of Scottish men in skirts — not auto-rickshaws and South Asian spices. But no country manufactures more bagpipes than Pakistan, and no place in Pakistan makes more of them than Sialkot, a bagpipe-crazy city near India-administered Kashmir.

Unspinning The Narrative Of A Syrian Massacre

At least 100 people were killed in the village of Tremseh earlier this month. Activists called it a massacre of innocent civilians by government forces, but later reports suggested something different. After a week with rebel fighters, NPR's Kelly McEvers learned some previously untold details about the killing.

Lawmakers Call On Olympics To Honor 1972 Victims

Increasingly, there are calls for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to have a moment of silence during the opening ceremony. The idea is to honor Israeli athletes killed at the Munich Olympics in 1972. So far, the IOC has refused.

Why Isn't The U.S. More Involved In Syria's Uprising?

Robert Siegel talks to Washington Post columnist David Ignatius about how the Obama Administration foresees the future of the crisis in Syria.