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Lebanese Fear Spillover Violence From Syria

Kidnappings and killings related to the upheaval in neighboring Syria are on the rise in Lebanon. Similar attacks in Turkey sparked a major objection. But Lebanon's complicated history with Syria — and Lebanon's divided population — means it's not as easy for Beirut to take action.

It's A 'Victory,' Not A Bailout, Spain's Leader Says

But most Spaniards don't buy that. With its banks ailing, the country becomes the fourth eurozone member to get a financial rescue. But there are still plenty of skeptics who question whether it will work.

Minority Alawites Like Assad Dominate In Syria

Throughout the uprising in Syria, President Bashar Assad has been able to count on strong support in own sect, the Alawites. But recent reports suggest that a small but growing number of Alawites are abandoning Assad. Melissa Block speaks with Steven Heydemann, senior adviser for Middle East Initiatives at the United States Institute of Peace, about who the Alawites are and how they came to rule Syria.

Initial Relief Over Spain's Bailout Fades To Worry

Financial markets did not show much enthusiasm for the European Union's plan to rescue Spanish banks. While stock markets across Europe managed to hang on to small gains, the interest rate Spain has to pay to borrow actually went up.