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Iceberg Twice The Size Of Manhattan Breaks Off Glacier In Greenland

The same glacier "calved" another huge iceberg in 2010. Greenland is changing quickly, experts warn. Melting there will put more upward pressure on sea levels.

Architect Of Crackdown In Syria And Defense Minister Killed In Bombing

Damascus has been the scene of heavy fighting in recent days. Wednesday's explosion, which state media blame on a suicide bomber, also injured other senior officials of the Assad regime.

Indian Athletes Want A Medal And A Government Job

For athletes anywhere, just qualifying for the Olympics can be a full-time job. But in India, training full-time is a luxury few can afford. That means many work part-time government jobs. And for the lucky athlete, it can result in a job for life.

For Pirates, U.S. Courts Offer No Safe Harbor

U.S. authorities are using laws dating to the 1700s in novel ways to combat piracy on the high seas, going after people who may never actually climb aboard a ship. The targets include men who negotiate and finance piracy plots as far away as the horn of Africa. And the strategy may be working.

HIV Prevention Drug Truvada No Quick Fix For Brazil's Epidemic

Some Brazilian researchers say Truvada should only be given to very specific groups at risk of getting HIV, like young, gay men. Others are concerned that a drug that blocks the transmission of HIV could be a set-back for safe sex campaigns and might actually encourage unsafe sexual behavior.

Changing Times Reflected In New Chinese Dictionary

Robert Siegel and Audie Cornish have more on the first new edition in seven years of the Modern Chinese Dictionary. It's published by the government-run Commercial Press and reflects the country's giddy rise to wealth, its growing environmental awareness, and the dark side of one-party rule.