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Lesbian Couple Tests Colombia's Adoption Laws

In Latin America, high courts are expanding the rights of gay people, including the right to marry. Now many courts are also ruling in favor of gay adoption. One case that could set an important precedent involves a lesbian couple in Colombia.

Don't Charge That Electric Car Battery; Just Change It

Some drivers in Israel now have electric car batteries that never need to be charged. They can just pull into Better Place, a company that has built battery changing stations designed to be just as convenient as gas stations.

How A Biofuel Dream Called Jatropha Came Crashing Down

People thought the hardy Jatropha tree was the answer to the food v. fuel debate, until it wasn't. Financial hard times and a misunderstanding revealed this biofuel to be like all the rest — in need of good food and water.

Deaths Tell The Story Of Life In Old Hong Kong

The 8,000 graves of Happy Valley cemetery in Hong Kong tell the island's untold early history through the lives of pirates and prostitutes, missionaries and merchants. NPR correspondent Louisa Lim's mother devoted a decade to chronicling the last resting place of Hong Kong's earliest settlers.

Can Somalia Come Back From Years Of Lawlessness?

After decades of bloody warlords and lawlessness, there is new hope for political moves towards stability in Mogadishu. A parliament chosen by clan elders and vetted to keep out bad elements is to choose a new president. All Things Considered host Audie Cornish talks with the BBC's Somalia analyst Mary Harper about the latest developments.

Dissident's Death Stirs A Drama In Cuba

Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya was killed in a car crash last month. Witnesses say it was an accident. But the government is using the case for propaganda purposes, Paya's family suspects a government conspiracy, and a Spanish activist has been jailed.