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What's At Stake In Hotspots Across The Globe

In Mali, the French continue air strikes to stop the advance of armed Islamist rebels in the north. In Syria, the death toll continues to rise, and in Afghanistan, questions remain about the ongoing transition of power. In all three regions, opportunities for current or future U.S. involvement is uncertain.

Breweries Must Share 'Budweiser' Name, British Court Rules

The word "Budweiser" will continue to mean two different things in Britain, where the brand name has been a bone of contention for more than a decade. The U.K. Supreme Court has ruled against Anheuser-Busch InBev's request to stop Czech brewery Budvar from selling beer under the Budweiser name.

Beijing's Pollution, Seen From Space In Before And After Photos

Pollution around Beijing has been stifling for the past few days. NASA has released a pair of satellite images, showing the extent of the smog from space and how the air has changed in the past couple weeks.

Mali Reacts To Al-Qaeda Advances

Host Michel Martin speaks with NPR's Africa correspondent Ofeibea Quist-Arcton about the ongoing conflict in Mali. The French military launched an offensive to reverse advances made by al-Qaeda linked rebels who gained control of northern Mali.

In War-Torn Aleppo, Old Doors That Reflect A Grand Tradition

Syria's war has badly damaged many parts of Aleppo, an ancient city. But some places are still intact, and above the doorways you can still find the inscriptions of pilgrims who have traveled to the holiest site in Islam.

Pakistan's Latest Political Crisis: Court Orders Arrest Of Prime Minister

Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf denies he accepted bribes when he was minister for water and power. The court order comes as Pakistan tries to prepare for elections later this year. There are fears that the military might move to install a "caretaker" government.

U.N. Backs French Military Intervention In Mali

The French military continues its bombing raids in Northern Mali, where extremists, including an al-Qaida affiliate, have taken over. The French have pummeled rebel positions from the air, backing up Mali's beleaguered army on the ground.