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Syrian Rebels Make Do With Hodgepodge Of Weapons

Syrian rebels have been begging for weapons from foreign countries but have had to rely heavily on arms that they capture, smuggle or make themselves. New York Times reporter C.J. Chivers spent time with the rebels in northern Syria as they planned attacks.

U.S. Paralympian Makes Fifth Showing At The Games

Melissa Block speaks with U.S. Paralympian and flag bearer at the Paralympics opening ceremony, Scott Danberg. The competition, which opens tonight in London, will be Danberg's fifth Paralympic Games. Over the years he has participated in multiple events, from power-lifting to javelin.

Thousands Of Syrians Camped Out At Turkish Border

Some 10,000 Syrian refugees are camped out along the northern border with Turkey, hoping to cross the frontier. Close to 100,000 Syrians are already in camps on the Turkish side of the border, and now the local government wants the UN Security Council to establish a safe zone on the Syrian side. Deborah Amos talks to Audie Cornish.

Despite Critics, Gambia Plans Dozens Of Executions

International criticism is building over plans by Gambia's president to execute all prisoners on death row by mid-September. Nine were recently put to death by firing squad, and 38 more remain on death row.

What's Next? China's Fast-Growing Economy Slows

China's economic boom has altered the global economy but its growth is slowing down. Steve Inskeep talks to Beijing-based economist Patrick Chovanec about China's economic troubles, and how that affects the U.S. economy.

Chinese Blame Failing Bridges On Corruption

No nation has built so many roads, bridges and buildings so quickly as China. But since 2011, eight bridges have collapsed, according to China's state-run media. Many believe the culprit is government corruption that leads to shoddy construction practices.