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Greeks Take To Streets In Anti-Austerity Protests

People are not getting much work done in parts of Europe. Tuesday night there were violent protests in Spain. And in Greece Wednesday, a nationwide strike to protest government austerity measures closed businesses and schools.

At U.N., Ahmadinejad Lays Out Vision Of New World Order

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used his eighth appearance before the U.N. General Assembly to elaborate on his vision of a new world order and criticize what he calls the world's "hegemonic" and "expansionist" powers.

Tear Gas, Rocks Fly At Anti-Austerity Protest In Athens

The nation's new conservative-led coalition is facing its first large-scale protests since taking office. Workers are outraged about spending cuts to social programs. But Greece won't get more bailout funds without the cuts.

U.S. Believes It Has Pakistan's 'Tacit Consent' For Drone Strikes, 'WSJ' Reports

Sources tell the newspaper that the CIA alerts Pakistan in advance about "broad areas" that may be targeted. The other government's silence in response is interpreted as an effective OK, according to those officials.

Amid Protests, Iran's President To Address U.N.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gets his moment in the spotlight Wednesday at the United Nations General Assembly. But this trip is different than past visits. He's a lame duck president and comes to New York at a time when Israel is frequently raising the possibility of a military strike on Iran.

Liberia To Investigate Logging Of Rainforests

A report by the non-governmental organization Global Witness says more than 60 percent of the West African nation's rainforests have been granted to logging companies in the past six years. The group has found evidence of fraud and misconduct within Liberia's logging sector.

Tourists Banned From India's Tiger Reserves

India's Supreme Court has temporarily banned tourism in core areas of the country's 41 tiger reserves. The unexpected and controversial ruling is aimed at protecting the last of India's 1,700 tigers.

China Launches Its First Aircraft Carrier

China has just joined an exclusive global club with the launch of its first aircraft carrier. David Greene talks to naval historian and defense analyst Paul Beaver about the new Chinese aircraft carrier that has just entered service in China's navy.