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Syria And The US Role In The Middle East

The Obama administration is stepping up support for rebels in Syria’s civil war. A panel joins Diane to discuss U.S. leverage in Syria and America's role in the Middle East.


Venezuela's Chavez Takes Turn For The Worse

The Venezuelan president is having difficulty breathing and has a new "severe" infection, as his vice president has taken over the day-to-day running of government.

At The Vatican, 'No Rush' To Set Conclave; And A Fake Bishop Tries To Get In

Roman Catholic cardinals are in Rome and are discussing when to begin their formal deliberations on a successor to Pope Benedict XVI. On Monday, a German man pretending to be a bishop tried to get into one of their meetings. The Swiss Guards led him away.

U.S.: Diplomats Shouldn't Drink Before Budget Meeting

Joseph Torsella represents the United States on the United Nation's budget committee. He says it's a tough budget process, and it's complicated by diplomats who show up drunk.

Carlos Slim Tops 'Forbes' Billlonaires List

The Mexican telecom magnate and his family are worth $73 billion. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is ranked No. 2. The list boasts 442 Americans, including the founders of Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Fastjet Brings High-Frequency, Low-Cost Flights To Africa

The first pan-African budget airline took to the skies in late November with a series of flights in Tanzania. Fastjet's aim is to offer a low-cost alternative to passengers accustomed to uncertain and costly air travel.