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Murdoch's 'Australian': A Powerful Player

Rupert Murdoch's companies sell a clear majority of all newspapers in his native Australia. Among them is The Australian, the country's only national general-interest newspaper, which commands an unrivaled influence despite a modest circulation.

Muslim Brotherhood Attempts To Charm U.S. Skeptics

The Egyptian Islamist group easily won parliamentary elections and has now fielded a strong presidential candidate. Amid some unease in Washington, the Brotherhood sent a delegation this week that is talking with U.S. officials and think tanks.

New Type Of Resistant Malaria Appears On Thai-Burmese Border

Malaria parasites resistant to the last, best drug treatment, called artemisinin combination therapy, or ACT, are infecting people along the border of Thailand and Myanmar. And it arose independently of the resistant malaria found in Cambodia. Now health workers face a two-front war.

Murdoch's Unrivaled Hold On The Australian Press

Between 6 and 7 of every 10 copies of national and metro papers sold in Australia are owned by News Ltd., News Corp.'s Australian newspaper arm. There is pride in the global success of a local boy, but cynicism, too.

Muslim Brotherhood Delegation Visits D.C.

Members of Egypt's Freedom and Justice Party — the political arm of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood — are in Washington this week on the group's first official U.S. visit. Robert Siegel speaks with Egyptian parliamentarian Abdul Mawgoud Rageh Dardery, a member of the delegation, about the visit and the Muslim Brotherhood's growing power in Egypt.

With A Dose Of Caution, Kurds Oppose Syrian Regime

Syria's Kurds feel they've been treated badly by the Syrian regime and would like to see it fall. But many are hesitant to join an all-out fight to topple President Bashar Assad, because they are also unsure about what might come next.

Turmoil In Mali Deepens After Military Coup

Mali is in political crisis after a coup d'etat in March that toppled the president and drove him into hiding. An Islamic rebel group has taken control of the north of Mali. NPR foreign correspondent Ofeibea Quist-Arcton discusses the rapidly changing situation from the capital city Bamako.