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How Do I Love Thee? Japanese Husbands Shout The Ways

Japanese men aren't known for expressing their feelings. But at least a few are trying to do better by taking part in a high-volume display of romance: the annual love-your-wife shout-out.

Group Of Violent Anarchists Emerges Amid Egypt's Political Turmoil

A group of anarchic young men and women in Egypt roam through protests, faces covered, and refuse to speak to media. They bill themselves as armed resistance and have flooded YouTube with videos of themselves making Molotov cocktails and threatening Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood. The country's prosecutor general designated them a home-grown terrorist group on Tuesday. Seasoned activists who blame the government for the root of the violence over the past five days say the group is counter-productive and their methods hurt the cause.

Hungry For Energy, Brazil Builds Monster Dams In The Amazon

Latin America's largest economy is growing fast and has plans to put up dozens of dams in the coming years. Environmentalists and residents in some areas are opposed, but the projects are moving ahead rapidly.

What's To Learn From King Richard III

Since the recent discovery and ID of Richard III's bones under a Leicester parking lot, historians have been debating his legacy. Was Richard really the evil despot that Shakespeare made him out to be? Or was the real Richard a sensible domestic leader and the victim of a classic family struggle?

World Radio Day: Share Your Story

UNESCO declared Feb. 13 World Radio Day to recognize the crucial role radio plays in organizing and informing communities. To celebrate the day, we'd like to hear from our listeners: What's the radio moment that changed your life?