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Amnesty International's Director

Suzanne Nossel is finishing her first year as the head of Amnesty International. She drops by the studio to talk with Kojo about human rights in tumultuous times.

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Gay Rights In Uganda

Uganda is a critical U.S. ally in the East and Central Africa. But its government has been criticized for creating a hostile--- sometimes deadly -- environment for the LGBT community.


Catholic Nun At Center Of Mexico's Drug War

Sister Consuelo Morales puts her faith into action in a very dangerous place. She heads a human rights group in Monterrey, Mexico, where she pressures authorities to investigate killings, disappearances and other drug-related violence. She and Nik Steinberg of Human Rights Watch speak with host Michel Martin.

'Anonymous' Vows To Shut Down Syrian Government Websites

Activists say they are aiming at the Assad regime's websites around the world, in response to the Syrian government pulling the plug on the Internet and cellphone service across Syria.

Tanzania's Albinos Face Constant Threat Of Attack

For many albinos — born with a partial or total lack of pigment in their skin, hair and eyes — life is difficult, and that is particularly true in Tanzania, where they are attacked for their flesh, the result of superstitious beliefs. More than 100 albinos have been assaulted since 2006.

Portraits of Albinism: Letting An Inner Light Shine

Photographer Jacquelyn Martin explores issues of race, identity and beauty in a portrait series on Tanzanian people with albinism.