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McDonald's In India: Would You Like Paneer On That?

McDonald's already offers menu items that cater to local tastes in India. But this month, the fast-food chain said it was going a step further by announcing a plan to open its first vegetarian-only restaurants in the country.

For Myanmar Activist, A Welcome 40 Years In Waiting

Burmese democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi has been honored and celebrated on her first visit to the U.S. in 40 years. In various speeches, she's talked about learning to compromise with former military men in Myanmar's parliament who kept her under house arrest for years.

Gaza's Future Looks Even Bleaker Than Its Past

The Gaza Strip will be unlivable by 2020 if nothing is done to alleviate the situation there, a recent U.N. report found. By almost every indicator, Palestinians in Gaza today are worse off than they were in the 1990s — squeezed by a high birthrate, dwindling resources and trade and travel restrictions.

World Rhinocerous Day Pokes At A Serious Issue

On World Rhino Day, people across the globe celebrate the rhinoceros and raise awareness to save all five species.

Synchronized Flushing In Zimbabwe Is Not A New Olympic Sport

Residents of Zimbabwe's second largest city are flushing the toilets at the same time tonight. The action isn't some form of protest, but the result of 72 hours of water restrictions thanks to a severe drought.

Can The Franco-German Bond Live Long In Debt?

Fifty years ago, Charles de Gaulle traveled to Ludwigsburg, Germany, to declare "Long live Bonn, long live Germany, long live the Franco-German friendship." NPR's Philip Reeves reports on the state of the Franco-German friendship in this time of euro debt crisis.

Labor Unrest In S. African Mines Spreads

In South Africa, thousands of mineworkers have embarked on industrial action that began with a deadly pay strike by platinum workers. They've agreed a wage deal with their management, this week, but the labor unrest is spreading to other platinum and gold mines in an industry that's the engine of South Africa's economy. NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton discusses the repercussions with host Scott Simon.