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The Hackable Japanese Toilet Comes With An App To Track Poop

The news that a Japanese toilet can be remotely controlled by an Android app got us curious about what else was possible with this toilet technology.

Ex-Turkish Military Chief Gets Life In Prison For Coup Plot

More than a dozen others also were given life terms for trying to oust the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Critics say the trial was an attempt by the government to stifle the country's secularists.

World War II Researchers Say 'Italian Schindler' Was A Myth

There's no proof that Giovanni Palatucci saved the lives of 5,000 Jews, say historians who studied a trove of wartime documents. Supporters of Palatucci are fighting back, as Holocaust museums pull exhibits on the Italian policeman who had been on the track to sainthood.

A West Bank Spring At The Center Of Deadly Struggle

Israeli settlers turned the area near the spring into a picnic spot. A local Palestinian says the land has been in his family for generations. The fight is symbolic of the much larger battle over West Bank land.

Why India's Next State Is Not Likely To Be The Last

India has just approved plans to create a new state. Critics worry that the decision has opened a Pandora's box by fanning the flames of other long-simmering separatist movements, some of which are already demonstrating for their own states.

Lack of Leadership Causing US Defense Issues Abroad?

A terror threat closes American embassies, and changes the political debate about intelligence gathering. Host Michel Martin talks politics with Republican strategist Ron Christie, and former Obama administration advisor Corey Ealons.
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State Dept. Protocol Ambassador Capricia Marshall

The State Department's chief of protocol reflects on traveling the world with the president and acting as Washington's official greeter for foreign leaders and diplomats.


Bike Commuter Miffed By Notice Of 15-Minute-Only Parking

A cyclist who commutes to work in Vancouver was surprised and angered last week when she found a note on her bike threatening its confiscation. Her offense? Parking in the "15-minute only" bike rack.

Woman Killed In Venice Beach Rampage Was On Her Honeymoon

A car plowed through the crowd on the California city's famous boardwalk. The driver has been charged with murder. About a dozen people were injured, and one person, 32-year-old Alice Gruppioni of Italy, was killed. Her new husband is devastated. Videos from the scene are chilling.

Why Gay Pride Celebrations In Uganda Were Discreet

Gay pride celebrations are held loudly each summer in New York, Paris and Berlin. But when Uganda held its version of the event this weekend, it was done very privately. It came as the Ugandan parliament considers a piece of extremely anti-gay legislation, and as discrimination against gays is widespread