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Second Day Of Mass Power Outages Rocks India

There were more power outages in India on Tuesday, and the second day of cuts was even worst than the first. More than 600 million people were left without power after elements of the national grid failed in a broad swath right across northern India.

Romney Tries To Shape Distinct Iran Policy

The Republican presidential candidate says America's national security priority should be preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, a point he made directly during a weekend stop in Israel. But analysts say Mitt Romney's policy descriptions sound much like those of President Obama.

Opera Unfolds When A Cuban Cabaret Is Shut Down

When a prominent Cuban singer opened a restaurant and cabaret, he believed he was following President Raul Castro's cry for more small business. But local authorities shut it down without warning. What happens next is seen as a test of Castro's commitment to economic changes.

India's Power Woes A Classic Story Of Supply, Demand

Regular localized outages are common throughout the country, and the massive outage that left more than 670 million people without power is the latest issue in a system struggling to keep up with the nation's growth.

Bhutan Bets Organic Agriculture Is The Road To Happiness

Bhutan wants to be the first country in the world to convert to a 100 percent agricultural system. Many farmers in Bhutan are already organic, which experts say should make the transition relatively easy.