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U.S. Tries To Clarify What Chinese Activist Wants

State Department officials say they are perplexed to learn that the Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng now says he wants to leave China. They say the subject was not raised during his stay at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, where he sought refuge last week.

Activist Changes His Mind About Staying In China

Chen Guangcheng is pleading for the U.S. to allow him to leave China. He had said on Wednesday that he wanted to stay in the country. Before that, he had spent nearly a week at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing after escaping from house arrest.

Argentina Takes Over Spanish Energy Firm YPF

The governments of Bolivia and Argentina have recently seized privately-owned Spanish companies and nationalized them. Members of Argentina's congress are expected to support the president's expropriation.

Afghans Fear Their Country Will Fall Back Into War

Earlier this week, President Barack Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai signed a strategic partnership agreement in the Afghan capital Kabul. The deal put a spotlight on a future Afghanistan that does not include a massive number of American and NATO troops.

Spain Concerned By Expropriation In Latin America

Bolivia and Argentina's nationalization of Spanish companies hasn't gone over well in Madrid. Spanish officials say Bolivia and Argentina will pay the price in the long run, as investors become weary of doing business if their assets could ultimately get seized.