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Killings At School In France Follow Earlier Murders Of Soldiers

Authorities say a gunman killed at least four people outside a Jewish school. One was a rabbi who taught Yiddish there. Two were his young sons. The fourth was a young girl. Last week, a gunman killed three French soldiers in the same part of France.

Pakistan-India Rivalry Extends To TV Food Fight

Steve Inskeep and David Greene take a look into Foodistan, a new TV show that pits Pakistani and Indian chefs against each other. The first season finishes up this week.

Afghanistan Shooting Suspect Held In Kansas Prison

Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, the alleged shooter in last week's attacks on Afghan civilians, has been transferred to a military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. A complicated picture of his life — in the Army and back home near Tacoma, Wash. — is still emerging.

Sanctions' Squeeze On Iran Tightens

The squeeze on the Iranian economy due to international sanctions is turning into a stranglehold. The latest sign of Iran's economic trouble is a new drop in the country's oil output. And last week brought a new punishment: Iranian banks were barred from participating in a key international clearinghouse. Iran will have a harder time importing food, apparel, electronics and other foreign goods, which could heighten consumer discontent. U.S. officials hope that Iranian government anxiety about its popular support will prompt a rethinking of its nuclear program.