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In Libya's Shifting Sands, Kids Try To Find Their Way

Most Libyans are under 25, and for these young people the revolution has created a new set of possibilities and challenges.

EX-Barclays CEO Apologizes To British Panel

The former head of the bank Bob Diamond apologized for "reprehensible behavior" in testimony before a British parliamentary committee Wednesday. But he complained the bank had been unfairly singled out for manipulating banking loan interest rates.

Ex-CEO: Barclays Isn't The Only Bank At Fault

"We have a profound issue — that is, an industry-wide issue, not just a Barclays issue," Robert Diamond told Parliament members Wednesday. The former head of Barclays Bank resigned Tuesday over a growing interest-rate manipulation scandal.

Former Refugee Is Cambodia's New 'Burger King'

There is perhaps nothing more American than flipping burgers on the Fourth of July — even if the burgers are being flipped in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. A Cambodian-American who fled the Killing Fields of his country more than 30 years ago has returned and opened his own Burger House.

'God Particle' Scientist Vindicated 50 Years Later

Peter Higgs is the name — and man — behind the Higgs boson. He and his team proposed the particle's existence back in the 1960s. Robert Siegel talks to Victoria Martin, a lecturer in physics and astronomy at the University of Edinburgh and a former student of Higgs, for more.

Medical Marijuana Use Sprouting In Israel

Since 2005, medical marijuana use in Israel has grown from a few hundred government-licensed users to more than 10,000. The demand for cannabis, prescribed to treat ailments such as cancer and chronic pain, has created a smoking new market. But the new venture is not without its critics.

New Subatomic Particle May Be Physics' Missing Link

The discovery of a new subatomic particle that may be the elusive Higgs boson has electrified the entire field of physics. The particle has profound implications for understanding our universe.