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As Egypt Prepares To Vote, Only One Side Seems Organized

Islamist groups have been well-organized and have been winning the political battles to create a new Egypt. This could propel them to a victory in the vote on the new constitution when balloting begins Saturday.

In Nigeria, 'A Very Jewish ... Very African' Community

The Jewish Igbo may not be recognized by Israel's rabbinate, but that doesn't stop them from being devoted to their faith. William Miles, who wrote about them in the book Jews of Nigeria: An Afro-Judaic Odyssey, talks with Michel Martin about celebrating Hanukkah in Abuja.

In Repeat Of Disturbing News, Man With Knife Attacks School Children In China

After a spate of such attacks in recent years, concerns were raised about the failures of China's psychiatric care system. Today's attack renews those fears. Fortunately, none of the 22 children wounded today have life-threatening injuries.

What North Korea's Rocket Launch Tells Us About Iran's Role

U.S. officials wonder whether North Korea's successful rocket launch this week helped Iran — another country whose nuclear program concerns the U.S. The two countries have worked together in missile design, but it's unclear who's helping whom.

Families Of Spain's 'Stolen Babies' Seek Answers — And Reunions

More than 1,000 people have gone to court hoping to track down sons and daughters or brothers and sisters they were told died in childbirth during the Franco dictatorship. The mothers were often poor and had Marxist leanings. Some estimates put the total number of stolen babies as high as 300,000.

With 88 Goals, Lionel Messi Celebrates A Record Year

The Barcelona star has broken several records this year — and many say the 25-year-old still hasn't peaked.

E.U. Votes To Have A Single Regulator For Its Banks

European officials have taken a big step toward the banking union many analysts believe is necessary to vanquish the debt crisis. The E.U. approved a deal that brings most of the continent's banks under a single regulator. The plan for a single bank supervisor must still be approved by the European parliament.