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Chemical Weapons In Syria And Calls For U.S. Intervention

Evidence that Syria has used chemical weapons against its people puts new pressure on the Obama administration to respond.


Purging Candidates Offers Pakistan A Bit Of Comic Relief

Forget about voting records and campaign platforms. In the run-up to Pakistan's May 11 elections, everything from the ability to quote from the Quran to facial hair, or the lack thereof, has been under scrutiny.

Arsenic In Beer May Come From Widely Used Filtering Process

Arsenic in beer doesn't sound like a good idea, even if it's due to a centuries-old filtering process. A new study says filtering beer with diatomaceous earth could boost levels of arsenic. But it's not clear whether this poses a health risk.

Strong Quake Hits Southern Iran, Killing Or Injuring Dozens

People across the Gulf region say they felt feeling the quake, which hit near the city of Bushehr, the location of an Iranian nuclear power plant. At least three people reportedly are dead.

North Korea's Warnings More Boring Than Alarming To Those In South

On Tuesday, the North said tourists and foreign companies in the South should leave because nuclear war may be imminent. But people in Seoul have heard such talk for years. They think North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is trying to bolster support at home with such threats.

Thatcher's Funeral Is Set For April 17

The former British prime minister will receive full military honors. Queen Elizabeth II is among those set to attend. Thatcher died Monday at the age of 87.

Pakistan's Campaign Season Is In Full Swing

Pakistanis go to the polls next month in parliamentary elections that will likely usher in a new government. The outgoing government is deeply unpopular amid energy shortages and a crippled economy. The likely successor is the Pakistani Muslim League of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. But analysts say there could be a strong challenge from the party of former cricket star Imran Khan.

South Koreans Ignore Threats From The North

Despite weeks of escalating tension between North and South Korea, and increasingly bellicose threats from Pyongyang, life in South Korea continues as normal. Most people in the capital Seoul appear to think the issue has more to do with the political situation in North Korea then a military threat to them.