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Battling Deforestation In Indonesia, One Firm At A Time

Environmentalists are focusing on big corporations to prevent the destruction of rain forests cut down for paper products. With help from some unlikely characters, they've scored a success against one of the world's largest paper companies.

American Woman Killed In Syria Fighting, Family Says

Family members told the Detroit Free Press that the FBI had confirmed that Nicole Lynn Mansfield, 33, was killed while fighting in Syria. She reportedly was fighting for the rebels against the Assad regime. Syrian TV said she was killed along with two other Westerners.

Report Says Al-Qaida Diminished, But Affiliates Still A Threat

The State Department's Country Terrorism report also says that Iran has boosted its support of global terrorism to a level not seen since the 1990s.

War Zone Visit A McCain Trademark

Trips to war zones have become a signature for Sen. John McCain. While some senators use poster board displays on the Senate floor to make their points, McCain goes them one better and by posing in dangerous places alongside wary men with semiautomatic rifles.

A Kiss Is But A Kiss, But To French Kiss Is 'Galocher'

For centuries, the French have been sans a term for "French kiss." The latest edition of a popular dictionary attempts to rectify that.

Public Servant Herman Boudreau, Heroic Under Enemy Fire

While serving in the Army in World War II, Herman Boudreau fought the Japanese resistance during more than two years in the South Pacific. He went on to serve in the Maine National Guard and the Maine State Police, as chief of police in Freeport and as an auxiliary police officer in Brunswick.

El Salvador Upholds Abortion Rules In Highly Charged Case

Melissa Block speaks with New York Times reporter Karla Zabludovsky about El Salvador's national policy restricting abortions under any circumstances — a decision that puts one 22-year-old at particularly high risk.