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Prospector In Australia Finds Giant Gold Nugget

The owner of the local gold shop told the Herald newspaper that if the anonymous prospector was "silly enough to melt it down," it would be worth nearly $300,000. Unlikely, since its size and shape make it so rare.

Deadly Hostage Crisis Continues In Algeria

Militants seized hostages earlier this week at a gas plant in eastern Algeria. A military raid freed some and reportedly caused the deaths of others. American officials believe 10 Americans were there when the plant was attacked. Some Americans reportedly escaped.

Kenyans Expect More From U.S. President With African Roots

As President Obama prepares to start another term next week, Morning Edition has asked NPR's foreign correspondents to gauge worldwide expectations for the president's next four years. In Kenya, where pride still runs deep for the president with Kenyan roots, expectations of America's role have shifted from donor aid, to partner in trade.

Algeria Hostage Crisis Stretches Into Another Day

On Thursday, Algerian forces opened fire on Islamists holding dozens of foreigners hostage. The militants, who have been linked to al-Qaida, say they took over the gas facility deep into the Sahara Desert in retaliation for France's attack on Islamic militants in the west African nation of Mali.

Minuscule Parisian Apartment Housed Man For 15 Years

The story of how a man lived in an apartment in Paris that measures less than 17 square feet is being cited as proof of the city's absurd real estate market. A 50-year-old man paid monthly rent of 330 euros, or about $442, for the place he called home for 15 years.