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From Police Chief To Political Office, Jobs Are For Sale In China

China's new president has vowed to crack down on corruption. One widespread practice involves paying bribes to get high-level positions in politics or the bureaucracy.

Runway Scare: Driverless Van Crosses Path Of Passenger Jet At Toronto Airport

Canadian officials are investigating a "highly unusual" incident in which a driverless van traveled across the runway at Toronto's Pearson International Airport, at the same time an Air Canada flight was landing. The plane's pilots did not heed commands to abort their landing.

Court Says CIA Can't Have It Both Ways On Drones

The CIA can no longer credibly argue that it can't even confirm it has such records, the court says.

Construction Crews May Have Found 'Black Plague' Victims In Britain

A British rail company says its archaeologists have discovered 13 skeletons they suspect died in the bubonic plague outbreak that killed millions of people, starting in 1347.
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Peter Andreas: "Smuggler Nation: How Illicit Trade Made America"

The history of America’s porous borders: How smuggling and illegal immigration have driven U.S. economic growth.

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President Obama's Middle East Trip: A Preview

President Barack Obama travels this week to Israel, the West Bank and Jordan. Critical issues for the U.S. in the region.


New Pope Praises Benedict, Asks Cardinals To Evangelize

The new pope says Benedict's prayers fuel the church and calls on the prelates to find new ways to evangelize "to the ends of the Earth."

Power Shift Under Way As Middle Class Expands In Developing World

The economic expansion of the so-called "Global South" is being driven by new trade and technology partnerships, according to a United Nations report. The UN predicts that over the next two decades, economic and political power will shift away from Europe and North America.