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Syrian President's Cousin Denounces Violence

Ribal Assad, the first cousin of Syrian President Bashar Assad, is one of his fiercest critics. Ribal Assad has been living in exile since childhood, and he speaks with guest host Susan Stamberg from England.

Rebels Defensive, In Syria And On World Stage

For the second weekend in a row, observers are predicting a major government offensive against rebels in Syria's largest city, Aleppo. As the fighting intensifies, both sides of the battle have been hit with harsh words from the outside world.

Bee Professionals Help Canadian In Sticky Situation

A homeowner in Varney, Ontario, recently discovered 180,000 bees nesting in her house. She realized she had a problem when honey started dripping from the ceiling, and called Saugeen Country Honey for help. Guest host Susan Stamberg speaks with the company's co-owner, beekeeper Dave Schuit about the job.

South Sudan, Young And In Need, Visited By Clinton

As part of her seven-nation tour of Africa, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited South Sudan. NPR's John Burnett visited the one-year-old nation during Clinton's visit. He joins guest host Susan Stamberg to talk about Clinton's visit and the challenges facing the new nation.

An Olympic Impression Of London 2012 So Far

NPR's Tom Goldman joins guest host Susan Stamberg to talk about his impressions of the London 2012 Olympics so far and what's in store for next week.

Olympics Sets Off British Tears

You find out so much about a country when it's hosting the Olympics. It's almost as if the Games lay bare a nation's soul. NPR's Philip Reeves says that's what's happening in Britain. He's finding the experience unnerving, as he explains in this letter from the Olympics.

Oscar Pistorius Makes Olympic History In 400 Meters, And Moves On To Semifinal

Sprinter Oscar Pistorius, the double-amputee who has for years sought to run in the Olympic Games, finally got his wish Saturday, when he ran in a preliminary heat in the men's 400 meters in London's Olympic Stadium. But he wasn't content with making history as the Olympics' first amputee runner.