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Crucial Parliamentary Elections Near In Georgia

Parliamentary elections take place in Georgia on Monday. The country's president, a reformer and darling of the U.S. government, is accused of corruption and increasingly repressive tactics. He's being opposed by a multi-billionaire who made most of his money in Russia.

Pakistani Minister Stands By Bounty For Filmmaker

The railways minister is offering $100,000 to anyone who kills the maker of the anti-Islam video Innocence Of Muslims. The offer has brought international condemnation, but Islamic militants have praised the minister and he says he's not backing down.
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Environmental Outlook: Elephants And The Ivory Trade

Tens of thousands of African elephants are being slaughtered every year to meet demand for ivory in China, the Philippines and Thailand. Inside the underground ivory trade and the future of Africa's elephants.


Should The World Brace For An Iran-Israel War?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the only way to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear bomb is to draw a clear red line. Guest host Celeste Headlee discusses what his speech at the United Nations might mean for tensions between Iran and Israel. She speaks with Iran analyst Karim Sadjadpour and Ha'aretz reporter Avi Issacharoff.

China's Communist Party Expells Disgraced Politician

China's ruling Communist Party has announced that disgraced senior politician Bo Xilai has been expelled from the party and faces criminal charges. His fall began when a local police chief told authorities about the murder of a British businessman.

Once Prominent Politician Bo Xilai Expelled From China's Communist Party

His fall from grace began when a local police chief told authorities about the murder of a British businessman. Bo's wife was convicted, and he's been connected to the handling of the case and other alleged corruption.

Briton Walks On Water In Human Hampster Wheel

Chris Todd plans to cross the Irish Sea in something resembling a human hamster wheel. He walks, the wheel spins and that powers his homemade vehicle. He's covering 66 miles in two days to raise money for charity.