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Bad To Worse: Iran Deal Strains Obama-Netanyahu Relationship

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has emerged as one of the loudest international critics of the nuclear deal with Iran. It's just his latest clash with President Obama.

Pack It In: Giant Louis Vuitton Trunk Booted From Red Square

The two-story designer suitcase was to house an exhibition, but its presence on what many people consider sacred ground angered Russians. Some Russians viewed the suitcase not only as an eyesore, but as as an impediment to New Year's celebrations at the square.

China's Air Zone Showcases Its Ambitions, Neighbors' Worries

China is seen as asserting its growing power with the latest move. However, the U.S. and Japan say they won't respect it and U.S. B-52s have already flown through the space without informing China.

Workers Killed In Collapse At Brazilian World Cup Stadium

A large portion of a nearly completed soccer stadium has collapsed in Sao Paulo, killing at least two people, according to Brazilian officials. The metal structure apparently buckled after a crane fell on it at the stadium, which is slated to host the opening game of the 2014 World Cup.

Italian Senate Strips Berlusconi Of His Seat

The former premier, who has been convicted of tax fraud and on a charge of paying for sex with an underage prostitute, has survived many threats to his political power. But expulsion from the Senate means he may finally be punished for his crimes and could be arrested on other charges.

Iranian Expats: Iranian State 'Not A Monolith'

The United States, along with five other world powers, has signed an agreement with Iran over its controversial nuclear program. What do Iranian expatriates in America think of the deal, which would temporarily ease western sanctions? Host Michel Martin speaks to human rights activist Sussan Tahmasebi and writer Roya Hakakian.

Swarming Thieves Wreak Havoc On Famed Rio Beaches

In a spate of robberies in Rio de Janeiro, young boys — some only 10 years old — descend on tourist beach areas, robbing and harassing people. The attacks come despite anti-crime efforts in the run-up to the World Cup and Olympics. It's a phenomenon that had not been widely seen since the country's crime-ridden 1990s.

Supermarket Tragedy Leads To Resignation Of Latvian Leader

Valdis Dombrovskis is taking "political responsibility." More than 50 people died last week when when the store's roof collapsed. Corruption, design flaws and substandard work all may have played roles.
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China, The U.S. And Tensions In Asia

Kojo explores China's new air defense zone in the East China Sea, how the U.S. is responding and China's perceived assertiveness is escalating tensions in the region.


World Headlines: China Tracked U.S. Bombers Over New Zone

Beijing announced it was creating an "air defense identification zone" in a disputed area, but the U.S. flights challenge China's claim. In other news, Russia detains alleged Islamist militants. And a school exam question on rape prompts complaints in South Africa.