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As Greeks Withdraw Cash, Banks Grow Vulnerable

Greek businesses and individuals have been steadily withdrawing euros, which has weakened Greek banks. This trend could be hard to reverse because Greeks fear a departure from the eurozone and a return to the drachma would wipe out much of their savings.

Crazy For The Queen's Diamond Jubilee? Here's A Guide To The Guides

Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebration — marking 60 years on the throne — looks like it will be quite a show. Sunday's huge flotilla alone is predicted to be "the most spectacular nautical event seen in London for 350 years."

Obama 'Sped Up Wave Of Cyberattacks Against Iran,' Says 'NYT'

Even after the existence of the Stuxnet virus was revealed, the administration kept to its plan to use cyberweapons against Iran, the newspaper reports. It accelerated an effort begun under President George W. Bush.

Draghi Warns Euro Framework Is 'Unsustainable'

Head of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi says the financial crisis has exposed the inadequacy of the euro monetary union. The head of the European Central Bank says flaws in the system need to be fixed.

Ignoring Critics, Iraq's Leader Consolidates Power

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has angered many political groups in Iraq that say he's concentrating too much power in his hands. There's talk of a no-confidence motion, but at least for now, there's no clear rival to replace him.

A Front-Row Seat At A Bank Run

"They say, 'Thefilos, tomorrow I'm going to need 50,000 euros, cash,' " says a Greek bank teller.

Central Bank President Warns That Euro Is Unstable

The president of the European Central Bank warned Thursday that the set-up of the European currency is unsustainable. In some of the harshest remarks by a senior European official to date, Mario Draghi criticized the vacuum resulting from the lack of action by European governments.