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Pakistan's Prime Minister Faces Contempt Order

Pakistan's Supreme Court has initiated contempt of court proceedings against Prime Minister Yousuf Gilani. He is accused of defying orders to start corruption cases against high-ranking officials including President Zardari.

Greeks Worry Over A Possible Return To The Drachma

Envoys from the European Commission, European Central Bank and IMF descend on Athens Monday to see if Greece is worthy of receiving its next bailout installment. If the international community concludes that Greece can't be saved as a member of the Eurozone it will have to revert to its old currency, the drachma, which some say would be "catastrophic."

Two Years After Quake, Many Haitians Await Aid

Americans gave more than $1.8 billion to help Haiti after a devastating earthquake ripped through the island nation two years ago. An NPR survey of 12 large charities found that while many still have a lot of money in the bank, the rate of spending has picked up over last year.

Post-Quake Giving To Haiti: An Updated Look At Major Charities

Americans have given more than $1.8 billion to charities since the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake. Here's a look at how much some of the prominent organizations working there have spent and how much is remaining.

Haiti: Reflections On Overcoming 2 Years Of Disaster

On Thursday, Haiti marked the second anniversary of the devastating 2010 earthquake. NPR's Jason Beaubien was back in the Caribbean nation for the quake memorials and he sent us this reporter's notebook about covering Haiti over the last few years.