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Shipwrecked Liner's Owner Blames Captain

The captain of the shipwrecked luxury liner just off the coast of Italy has been arrested and faces accusations of manslaughter, tampering with evidence and abandoning ship. He told a reporter that he was the last one to leave the ship, a claim immediately dismissed by prosecutors. A consumer protection association plans a class action lawsuit against the shipping company that owns the liner.

Photos: Crashed Cruise Ship In Italy

A luxury cruise liner went aground off Italy's coast on Friday.

Op-Ed: With Iran, Give Diplomacy A Chance

As nations tighten economic sanctions and Iran threatens to close the Strait of Hormuz, tensions between U.S. and Iran are mounting. Former ambassador and trustee of the National Committee on American Foreign Policy Thomas Pickering argues that military action isn't the solution in Iran.

Bad Weather Suspends Cruise Ship Rescue Effort

At least 16 people remain still missing as rescue operations are suspended due to weather. The lead Italian prosecutor in the case said bringing the ship so close to the shore was part of a maritime practice — the equivalent of a fly-by.

9 European Countries Lose AAA Rating Status

Standard and Poor's has downgraded the credit ratings of nine Euopean countries including France. They face exposure to financial troubles in Greece among other places. Zanny Minton Beddoes, global economics editors at The Economist, talks to Steve Inskeep about the latest European financial troubles.

Captain Of Capsized Cruise Ship Held In Italy

Investigators in Italy are analyzing the cruise ship's data recorder to determine how and why the vessel veered off course and collided with a rocky reef off the coast of Tuscany. More than a dozen people are unaccounted for.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Faces Contempt Order

Pakistan's Supreme Court has initiated contempt of court proceedings against Prime Minister Yousuf Gilani. He is accused of defying orders to start corruption cases against high-ranking officials including President Zardari.