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Venezuelans Tune In For Scoops On Chavez's Health

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has been traveling to Cuba for cancer treatment, but few details are known about his condition. As questions arise about how this could affect his bid for a third term, a journalist is gaining a following by breaking news on the Chavez's health.

Comparing U.S. And UN Policies On Syria

Robert Siegel talks with Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications at the White House, about the latest U.S. policy thinking on Syria.

One Of Britain's Most Tenacious Pugilists Returns To Parliament

George Galloway, who the Labour Party cut loose because of his opposition to the war In Iraq, has won a seat in the House of Commons.
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Apple and Working Conditions in Overseas Factories

Apple announced efforts to improve working conditions in their Chinese factories. Guest host Tom Gjelten and a panel of experts look at overseas employee rights and U.S. consumers.


Rome Drives Away Photogenic Gladiators

Performers in Rome who dress like the ancient combatants earn money by posing in photos with tourists. As of Friday, they've been driven away from the Colosseum. Roman officials say gladiators will no longer be able to peddle pictures outside their classic arena.

Apple, Foxconn To Improve Factory Conditions

Apple and its China-based supplier Foxconn have agreed to limit worker overtime and significantly improve health and safety conditions at the plants that produce, among other products, the iPhone and iPad. The move comes after an investigation by the Fair Labor Association found Foxconn factories violate numerous Chinese work rules.

French Killings Spark National Soul-Searching

The killings of three Jewish children, a rabbi and three soldiers of North African descent by an Islamic extremist came during a presidential campaign in which immigration dominated election rhetoric. While some Muslims say they fear a backlash, and Jews have been shaken by the tragedy, there has also been an outpouring of outrage and solidarity.