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French Village Takes Stock Of Election Issues

In the tiny village of Marcoles in the French heartland, the political debate over security and terrorism is hardly what concerns people. In such places, where young people often leave for the city, the future is about creating jobs and a spirit of community and solidarity.

Egypt's Banned Candidates Vow Not To Go Quietly

Election officials upheld their ban of nearly half of the presidential candidates running in next month's contest. Among them are two leading Islamist candidates and the intelligence chief for former President Hosni Mubarak. The decision radically alters the race for a post that will shape Egypt's political landscape.

Britons Revel In Their Sporting Inventions

The British tend to believe they invented pretty much every form of sport. They're even convinced they dreamed up the modern Olympic Games — thanks to an exercise-mad 19th century doctor.

Chinese Journalist: Bo Xilai Had History Of Bribes

A former journalist with state-run media says fallen politician Bo Xilai bribed the children of high officials with real estate to secure promotions, while his wife was "raking in money" in exchange for favors. Now the two are embroiled in a scandal that threatens the stability of the entire nation.