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Tests 'Moderately Support' Case That Arafat Was Poisoned

Swiss scientists have been studying samples taken from the former Palestinian leader's remains. He died in 2004 at the age of 75.

World Headlines: Israel's Avigdor Lieberman Acquitted Of Fraud

In other stories, Anonymous protesters toss fireworks at Buckingham Palace in London, and Japan's leader proposes getting rid of subsidies to the country's long-protected rice farmers.

In Violent Hospitals, China's Doctors Can Become Patients

A triple stabbing at a Chinese hospital is the latest in a string of attacks against doctors by disgruntled patients. Policies intended to improve and expand health care have led to overcrowded facilities, overwhelmed doctors and corruption.
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Frederick Forsyth: "The Kill List"

Writer Frederick Forsyth has been called the master of international intrigue. His previous blockbusters include "The Day of the Jackal," “The Odessa File” and “The Dogs of War.” He joins guest host Tom Gjelten to talk about his newest novel, "The Kill List."


Neo Nazis In Germany Use Music To Attract Followers

Neo Nazi music is a pervasive problem in Germany. Government officials say the songs aid recruitment of young people into extremist groups. But officials say banning such music to protect Germany's young people isn't as easy as it once was because musicians are increasingly sly about what they put out.

Developing Super-Typhoon Aims For The Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan is expected to make landfall in the central Philippines on Friday, with winds of 150 mph. Forecasters are calling it potentially the western Pacific's most dangerous storm this year.

Toronto Mayor Says He Doesn't Smoke Crack, But Admits He Has

At a news conference Tuesday, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted he has smoked crack cocaine. Melissa Block talks to Jamie Strashin of the CBC for the latest.

Congolese Rebel Group M23 Announces End To Insurgency

A rebel group that one year ago had pushed U.N. troops out of eastern Congo's largest city announced Tuesday that it would pursue a political solution. The group, M23, took up arms last year after a peace accord between Congo's government and Tutsi-led insurgents collapsed.

Syrian Regime, Rebels Fail To Set Date For Talks

The U.N.'s top envoy on Syria says diplomats have failed to agree on a date for a peace conference. Lakhdar Brahimi says he's still hoping such a meeting could take place in Geneva before the end of the year. He had been hoping it would take place this month, but the Syrian rebels aren't ready to attend, the U.S. and Russia have yet to agree on whether Iran should take part and there are many other roadblocks. Brahimi is raising the alarms about a conflict that has affected half of the population, with 6,000 people fleeing every day.

Aid Groups Call For More Access Inside Syria As Winter Looms

The International Crisis Group is calling on the United Nations to push the Syrian government to open pathways for humanitarian aid. Melissa Block talks to the group's Peter Harling, who regularly visits Damascus to access the situation there.