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Three Decades On, Ex-Guatemalan Leader Faces Genocide Charges

Former military ruler Efrain Rios Montt, now 86, presided over one of the bloodiest periods in Guatemala's 36-year civil war. During his rule, thousands of Guatemala's Indians were killed.

A Decade Later, What Was Accomplished In Iraq

In March 2003, U.S. troops crossed from Kuwait into Iraq with the goal of toppling dictator Saddam Hussein. Within weeks, the Hussein regime had fallen. The occupation that followed left U.S. combat forces in the country until December 2011. The legacy of the war is still widely debated.

Syrian Opposition Poised To Vote On Interim Government

Syria's political opposition is meeting in Istanbul this week to choose a rebel government, despite opposition from the Obama administration. The vote has been postponed twice because of internal tensions over naming a rival government to Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime.

China Edges Out U.K. As World's Fifth-Largest Arms Supplier

While Beijing is still far behind the U.S. and Russia in arms sales, a new report shows that China is beginning to catch up — thanks to Pakistan.

After Helicopter Jail Break, Two Cons Recaptured In Canada

The chopper swooped down. Ropes were dropped to the ground. Two prisoners clambered up and got away. But within hours, Canadian authorities had tracked them down. Just like in the movies, the bad guys were brought to justice.