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No Ski Lift For You, Swiss Government Tells Kim Jong Un

A multimillion-dollar deal to provide ski lifts for a resort in North Korea has been cancelled, after Switzerland's government decided the deal violated U.N. sanctions forbidding the export of luxury items to the country.

The U.S. Defense Contractors That Benefit From Aid To Egypt

The U.S. provides around $1.3 billion in annual aid to the Egyptian military. A good deal of that money actually goes to U.S. defense contractors that provide hardware and services for Egypt's army. Here's a list of the companies receiving the biggest contracts.

End Of The Rainbow: Swedish Athlete Repaints Nails Red

Emma Green Tregaro, the Swedish athlete who painted her fingernails the colors of a rainbow to support gay rights, has repainted her nails red, after track's governing body warned that her nails flouted its ban on political statements at events.
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The Winter Olympics & LGBT Equality

Sports writer Dave Zirin joins Kojo to explore how the upcoming Winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia, have become the venue for a global debate about LGBT equality.


Sharp Decline In Chinese Executions Mirrors Global Trend

China is believed to have executed about 3,000 people in 2012 — a 75 percent decline from a decade ago. Amnesty International says the "overall trend globally is towards abolition" of the death penalty.

Reports: Mubarak Might Be Freed While Awaiting New Trial

Egypt's former president still faces a retrial for the killing of protesters during the 2011 Arab Spring. But his lawyer and a court official are telling news outlets that Mubarak may be released in the meantime. Meanwhile, newly ousted President Mohammed Morsi continues to be held.

NSA Leak Reporter Says 'U.K. Puppets' Detained His Partner

David Miranda, a Brazilian and journalist Glenn Greenwald's longtime partner in a civil union, was questioned by British authorities at Heathrow Airport for nine hours on Sunday. They also seized a laptop and other electronic gear. Greenwald is one of the journalists to whom Edward Snowden leaked secrets.

Attacks, Reprisals And Church Burnings As Egypt Teeters

Fears are growing that the country may be headed toward civil war. The interim government and the military leaders who ousted President Mohammed Morsi have been cracking down on his supporters. Hundreds have died and thousands have been wounded. Twenty-five off-duty police officers were killed Monday.

U.S. Family Of Ill Prisoner Wants North Korea To Release Him

American citizen Kenneth Bae has spent nearly 10 months imprisoned in North Korea. That's longer than any other American held there in recent years. Bae was recently moved to a hospital for ailments related to diabetes, an enlarged heart and liver problems. Bae's family says the situation is more urgent than ever.

Members Of Congress Urged To Cut Aid To Egypt

The U.S. has been unable to do much to reduce the violence in Egypt. President Obama canceled upcoming joint military exercises, and says the administration is looking at other options, perhaps affecting the $1.5 billion in military aid the U.S. provides Egypt each year. For more insight, Renee Montagne talks to Nathan Brown, a scholar of Middle East politics with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and George Washington University.