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Are Women Safe In India?

The brutal rape and death of a young student in New Delhi is raising concerns about violence against women in India. To find out more about the challenges women face in the world's largest democracy, guest host Celeste Headlee speaks to a women's rights advocate and an Indian author.

Putin Offers French Actor Depardieu Russian Citizenship

Gerard Depardieu has complained about high taxes in his native land. Meanwhile, he has befriended some of Russia's allies and is an acting icon in that nation. Also, the Russian leader may see a chance to tweak the West by claiming one of its wealthier citizens.

Apes Have Food, Will Share For A Social Payoff

Humans have a long tradition of sharing food with strangers, and it turns out bonobos do it, too. In fact, the bonobos in a recent experiment were more likely to offer fruit and nuts to a stranger than to a familiar ape. But that doesn't necessarily mean they're altruistic.

A Panorama Of Central Asia

He was born in Japan, speaks Russian and is based in Kazakhstan. And with his panoramic camera, photographer Ikuru Kuwajima captures a sweeping view of Central Asia.

In India, Five Charged With Rape And Murder In Crime That Shocked Nation

The men could get the death penalty if convicted. A sixth accused, who is said to be 17, will be tried separately. Their victim was raped, beaten and left for dead. The crime has led to protests and a renewed debate about women's rights in India.
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President Obama's Second-Term Team

President Barack Obama picks former Sen. Chuck Hagel for defense secretary and John Brennan as CIA director. Diane and her guests discuss battles ahead as the president seeks to build his second-term team.


In China, Yellow Is The New Red

Chinese authorities have outlawed blowing through a yellow light at an intersection. The change has prompted vocal protest — even at the official Chinese news agency.

A Different Kind Of Combat In The Eastern Congo

Lacking ropes or a ring, young men who are part of a group called the Friendship Club are learning how to box. Some were child soldiers. It might seem odd that this sport could help former killers become better citizens or deal with their trauma. But their coach says boxing and fighting are as different as sports and war.