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On Mount Everest, Sherpa Guides Bear The Brunt Of The Danger

Sherpa guides are 10 times more likely to die than commercial fishermen, the most dangerous, nonmilitary occupation in the U.S. But they're offered little financial protection by companies who charge Western climbers thousands of dollars for a trip up the mountain.

Blast Aboard Submarine A Blow To Indian Military

Indian officials ruled out terrorism as a possible cause. The explosion was reminiscent of the blast aboard the Kursk in 2000 that killed 118 Russian sailors.

Is Europe's Recession Really Over? It's Too Soon To Say

A hopeful-sounding GDP report led to headlines declaring that Europe's economy is over. But much more evidence is needed before that conclusion can be reached, say the experts who study economies' ups and downs.
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Egypt In Turmoil

In a harsh crackdown on pro-Islamist sit-ins in Cairo, Egyptian security forces Wednesday killed dozens of protesters and the interim government declared a state of emergency. We get the latest on the rapidly changing situation.


Is The Middle East Conflict Getting Even Tougher To Solve?

The Israelis and the Palestinians have been holding on-and-off peace talks for the past 20 years. Yet none of the core issues have been resolved, and some appear even more intractable today than when the negotiators first sat down to the table.

'Bloodbath' In Cairo As Troops Move On Morsi Supporters

There are report of more than 140 deaths. Security forces are clearing sites where supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi have been camped. Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, has resigned in protest over what he says was unnecessary bloodshed.

Months-Long Political Crisis In Egypt Erupts Into Violence

Security forces in Cairo have begun to forcibly disband two massive protest camps there. Supporters of ousted Islamist President Morsi have been conducting a sit-in for weeks amid threats of a government crackdown. For details, Renee Montagne talks to Michael Wahid Hanna, an analyst with The Century Foundation.

Security Forces Move In On Egyptian Protests

After days of tense standoff in Cairo, Egyptian security forces began clearing two sit-in camps by supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi. The Interior Ministry, which is in charge of police, warned in a statement that the forces would deal firmly with protesters acting "irresponsibly."

After 5 Years, Mideast Peace Talks To Resume

Israel has released 26 Palestinian inmates — one day before the scheduled resumption of Mideast peace talks in Jerusalem. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has spent months persuading the two sides to sit down with each other.

Rescuers In India Try To Reach Sailors Trapped In Submarine

Eighteen sailors are feared trapped in a submarine that caught fire after a massive explosion in Mumbai. The smoldering ship is in its berth at a highly secured naval base, with only a portion visible above the surface. This incident comes as a setback for India, just as the country is trying to beef up its military.