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Secret Service Agents Recalled From Summit

As the Summit of the Americas gets under way, there is one embarrassing incident which threatens to distract from international efforts to focus on trade and the economy. A dozen U.S. Secret Service agents have been sent home for alleged misconduct.

Ahead Of Summit, Obama Underscores Growing Exports

President Obama is in Colombia Saturday, along with most other leaders from throughout the Western Hemisphere. The president hopes to use this Summit of the Americas to highlight growing economic ties within the region. As NPR's Scott Horsley reports, Obama made a swing-state pit stop in Tampa, Fla., on his way.

Revealing The Revolting Beauty Of Food Waste

One third of food is wasted worldwide, according to the U.N. Photographer Klaus Pichler gives rotten food the glamour treatment to make that point. But will it make us be more careful about how we buy and use food?

World Smolders As Smoke Clears Over N. Korea

The failure of North Korea's rocket launch early Friday may have revealed serious technical flaws, but the fact that the launch took place at all underlined the international community's inability to prevent such acts.

Secret Service Agents Pulled From Summit For Alleged Misconduct

Agents have been sent home for alleged misconduct, reportedly related to prostitution. President Obama arrived in Colombia Friday for the Summit of the Americas, and the Secret Service says its security plan has not been compromised.

Tough Cuts In Portugal May Be Exacting High Toll

Portugal saw a spike in its death rate this winter, mostly among the elderly. The government blames the rise on a nasty flu strain. But critics say austerity measures are at least partly to blame, the result of higher medical fees and transportation costs.