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In the Golan Heights: Stray Bullets And Spring Cleaning

The Syrian civil war rages just a short distance across the frontier from Israeli-occupied territory. As spring blossoms around them, Israelis are watching warily.

From The Border To The Fortune 500

Hector Ruiz is one of the few Latinos who have led Fortune 500 companies. He grew up poor in a small coal-mining town in Mexico. He shined shoes to help his family get by, and walked across the U.S.-Mexico border each day to go to high school in Texas. Host Michel Martin talks with him about his new memoir, Slingshot.

China Calls Planned U.S.-Japan Drills 'Provocative'

The announcement of the military exercises comes as China and Japan square off over disputed islands in the East China Sea.

Dozens Killed In Collapse Of Bangladesh Garment Complex

Officials say the eight-story building on the outskirts of the capital, Dhaka, housed several garment factories. More than 85 people are dead, and officials expect the toll to rise.