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Egyptian Forces Reportedly Clear Mosque Of Morsi Backers

Hundreds of supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi have taken refuge in a Cairo mosque and are refusing to leave.

Kyrgyz Officials Shut Down Alcohol-Smuggling Pipeline

The conduit with neighboring Kazakhstan was reportedly used to send "thousands of liters" of pure grain alcohol undetected across the border.

In Egypt, Another Day Of Clashes And Violence

Islamist protesters clashed with security forces in several parts of Cairo as well as other cities on Friday. Dozens were killed or wounded. The Muslim Brotherhood ordered the protest marches on what it's calling a Day of Rage. The government warned that security forces would use live ammunition to protect state institutions.

Pickering: U.S. Has To Carefully Parse Its Response In Egypt

Robert Siegel talks with former Ambassador Thomas Pickering about how the U.S. might approach the crisis in Egypt.

Peru's Oil Rush Threatens Native Tribes, Again

Three ministers in Peru have resigned over pressure to continue oil exploration in the Camisea area of Peru. In the 1980s uncontacted tribes were partially wiped out by diseases brought in by oil workers. Now there are plans to expand the project into areas where other uncontacted tribes are living. Among the oil companies involved is American hunt oil.

Embarrassed, Thai University Removes Anti-Cheating Hats

A photo of Kasetsart University students wearing the cumbersome headgear during an exam went viral, garnering disapproval.

Hell With The Lid Off: Coffee Drinkers' Plight Exposed In Canada

"Is this coffee, or is this Fight Club?" That's the question Bryan Hansen of Calgary says he asked himself after his coffee lid betrayed him yet again after a visit to Tim Hortons, the Canadian coffee chain.
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Another America: Liberia's Story

In 1840, a group of about 80 African-Americans set sail for the west coast of Africa to establish a new nation based on ideals gleaned from the American experiment. We explore Liberia's unique history.


So Baaad It's Good: 'Sheep Protest' Video

It seems that sheep are pretty good at call-and-response. A video of them from New Zealand is going viral.

What's Making Headlines Outside Of Washington?

Congress has gone home for its annual August recess, so Tell Me More takes a look at headlines in places across the country. Guest host Celeste Headlee talks with Mike Leary from the San Antonio Express-News and Dana Coffield of The Denver Post.