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Milk: Symbol Of Purity, Symbol Of Conflict

Our complicated relationship with milk may make images of this week's EU dairy farmers' protest more powerful than, say, if they sprayed police with water. For much of human history, says historian Deborah Valenze, we've wavered between reverence and revulsion for the stuff.

Guerrilla Cartographers Put Global Food Stats On The Map

The mapmakers have amassed some 80 maps for Food: An Atlas, ranging from surplus in Northeast Italy to meat production in Maryland. The goal is to spread information about various food systems so they can be adapted locally.

OK, North Korea's Leader Isn't 'Sexiest Man Alive,' Chinese Media Concede

China's Web surfers have had much fun at the expense of People's Daily Online after it accepted as fact that The Onion thinks Kim Jong Un is 2012's biggest hunk. Editors at the Communist Party's mouthpiece now realize they were punk'd.

In Cairo, Tensions Still High As 'Die-Hards' Continue To Protest

The crowd in Tahrir Square is much smaller today. Police have fired tear gas again in an effort to disperse those who are angry about President Mohammed Morsi's decrees giving him more power. Much larger protests may resume, though, on Friday.

Key City In Congo Quiet After Rebel Takeover

Renee Montagne talks to Jason Stearns, author of Dancing in the Glory of Monsters: The Collapse of the Congo and the Great War of Africa, about the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Stearns is in the rebel-held city of Goma.

In Syria, Aleppo Today Is Must-See TV For Survival

Civilians who remain in Syria's war-torn financial capital rely on private TV channel Aleppo Today and its 24-hour news tickers, which provide street-by-street details on where the tanks are, the latest airstrikes and rebel offensives — and even alerts when the Internet is working.

Egypt Expert: 'Pharoah' Concerns 'Understandable'

In Egypt, protests continue in reaction to President Mohammed Morsi's decree giving himself unchecked powers, even though Morsi has said the scope of those powers is limited. Questions remain over whether Morsi's powers are actually limited and whether he'll cede them if the country gets a new constitution, as he has promised. Renee Montagne talks with Tarek Masoud from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government for insight into the political crisis in Egypt.

Opposition Protest In Cairo A Rare Show Of Unity

Protesters thronged to Tahrir Square on Tuesday night to protest the Egyptian president's recent decision to give himself and a committee drafting a new constitution unchecked power. It was the largest crowd at a demonstration in Egypt since Mohammed Morsi became president last summer and displayed a rare unity of the secular opposition in Egypt.