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British Monarchy Posts House Manager Opening

According to the royal website, the applicant who's chosen will have dominion over the royal residences — including Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, overseeing a staff of 60. The position is described as "challenging and exciting."

Syrian Fighter Jet Lands In Jordan, Pilot Reportedly Seeks Asylum

A Jordanian official says the pilot wants to defect. The Syrian government is only confirming it lost contact with the aircraft. Activists say this would be the first such action by a Syrian military pilot since anti-Assad protests began in 2011.

Ai Weiwei Says He Is Barred From Leaving China

The 54-year-old artist says officials have lifted the strict bail conditions imposed after his release from detention last year. But he says he is not allowed to leave China and that he was prevented from attending a hearing this week on his tax evasion case.

Spain Under Pressure To Finalize Bailout Deal

Spain is in line to get a European bailout of up to $125 billion for its banks. Audits due Thursday will show just how indebted Spanish banks are. But economic uncertainty has already sparked violence.

In Pakistan's Anti-Corruption War, A Lonely Warrior

Sordid allegations of bribery and self-enrichment against the scions of Pakistan's rich and powerful highlight how entrenched corruption is there. But the difficulty of rooting out such misconduct is embodied in the career of one former police officer and the price he has paid for his diligence.