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At Age One, A Tattered Reputation For South Sudan

South Sudan's former rebel commanders are now government officials who are allegedly fleecing the national treasury. Impoverished citizens are angry, and efforts to recover stolen funds have not been successful so far.

U.S. Gymnast Douglas Wins Gold In Individual All-Around

American gymnast Gabby Douglas has won her second Olympic gold medal of the London Summer Games, winning the individual all-around event to match her performance anchoring the U.S. team's gold-medal performance earlier this week. Teammate Aly Raisman finished fourth.

Wiggin' Out: Bradley Wiggins Drinks To His Gold Medal, And The Mods Applaud

The night after he became Britain's most-decorated Olympian, cyclist Bradley Wiggins tweeted, "Well what a day, blind drunk at the minute and overwhelmed with all the messages." He added, "Thank You everyone it's been emotional X."

Tracing Her Tanzanian Roots In 'A Lot Like You'

Director Eliaichi Kimaro is a first-generation American with a Tanzanian father and Korean mother. When her dad retired and moved back to Tanzania, she followed him to do a film about his side of the family, one she didn't know much about. Her work unveiled a shocking history she didn't expect. Kimaro talks with host Michel Martin about her documentary A Lot Like You, which is part of this year's Asian American International Film Festival.

Is Mali Becoming The New Afghanistan?

The West African country Mali was hailed as a successful democracy for decades. But a rebellion in the north and a coup d'etat in the south has led to turbulent times for the country. Host Michel Martin speaks to NPR's Africa correspondent Ofeibea Quist-Arcton who is reporting in Mali.
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Friday News Roundup - International

The European Central Bank left its main interest rate unchanged, but ECB head Mario Draghi signaled the bank could purchase bonds and lower borrowing costs in the future. The battle for Aleppo raged on as Syrian rebels' handling of pro-government militiamen drew criticism. President Barack Obama announced new sanctions on Iran's energy sector. And India suffered the worst blackout in history, which left 670 million people without power. James Kitfield of National Journal, Susan Glasser of Foreign Policy magazine and David Ignatius of The Washington Post join Diane for analysis of the week's top international news stories.


Boris Gets Left Hanging, But The Joke's Rarely On London's Savvy Mayor

Some Londoners may not be much interested in sports - but one image from these Olympic Games will surely remain with them, long after the cheers and crowds have faded away. It is the spectacle of their mayor, Boris Johnson, brandishing a Union flag in either hand, and dangling helplessly from a zip wire 20 feet above the ground.

A Diplomat's Extended Visit With Al-Qaida In Mali

A former Canadian diplomat, who was once held by al-Qaida, says the group's rise in Mali poses a significant threat. And, says Robert Fowler, he sees no possibility of negotiation with al-Qaida based on members of the group he met during his captivity.