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Planet Money T-Shirt Exposes Issues Of Work, Trade And Clothes

All this week, All Things Considered and Morning Edition has aired stories about the global journey a T-shirt makes from seed to finished product. Over the months NPR's Planet Money team spent reporting the series, they tackled questions about trade, work and clothes play in the global economy. There's a whole lot more about a simple T-shirt's journey from cotton to completion here.

In Soweto, Mandela's Childhood Home Is Site Of Celebration

The great anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela died late Friday night in Johannesburg. South Africans woke up to the news this morning and crowds gathered outside the former Mandela family home in Soweto township. This is the home where he lived before he was arrested, before he was imprisoned for those long years, before he became an icon. The mood among the hundreds of people outside the house and on the surrounding blocks was anything but somber.

Reflecting On The Great Man That Was Nelson Mandela

Robert Siegel talks to writer Walter Isaacson about the legacy of Nelson Mandela and what makes a "great man" (with a nod to Thomas Carlyle's "great man theory" of the 19th century). Isaacson has written biographies of other great historical figures, including Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin. He says history is made by individuals and Mandela was a person who changed the course of history.

Mexican Lawmakers Hope Private Investment Will Boost Oil Industry

Mexico's congress is set to pass a controversial plan to open up the country's vast and sluggish oil industry to private investment. The move requires a constitutional amendment since Mexico forbids foreign involvement in the oil industry. Opponents of the plan say the president is selling out the country, but many experts say that without foreign investment, Mexico won't be able to tap all its oil and won't modernize.

Memory Of Mandela Hangs Heavy At African Leaders' Summit

The news of Nelson Mandela's death came as dozens of African leaders gathered in Paris for a two-day summit on building peace and security across the continent. Though Mandela's death overshadowed other issues, it also reinforce participants' determination to make progress.

51 Years Ago, Nelson Mandela Was Arrested And Charged With Treason

In 2004, All Things Considered aired a documentary called "Mandela: An Audio History" by producers Joe Richman and Sue Johnson of Radio Diaries. It tells the story of the struggle against apartheid through the voices of Mandela and the people who fought with and against him.This selection from that documentary recalls Mandela's treason trial, in which he was convicted and sentenced to serve life in prison on Robben Island.

Egyptians Poised To Vote On Controversial New Constitution

Egyptians are preparing to vote on a new constitution, again. When the last constitution was approved, President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood was in power. He was ousted in July. The latest constitution was drafted by the military-backed government that ousted Morsi. Nathan Brown, who studies constitutionalism and rule of law in the Arab world, talks to Robert Siegel about what's at stake in the process, and the criticism the draft constitution has received. Brown is a professor at George Washington University and a scholar with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Religious Violence Escalates In Central African Republic

France sends troops to its former colony after clashes between Muslims and Christians left nearly 300 dead.
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Understanding Nelson Mandela's Legacy

Kojo explores the events that made the end of apartheid one of the most powerful triumphs for human rights in the 20th century.


Driving Pakistan's Badlands In A Vintage British Convertible

The founder of Pakistan's classic car club hops in his 1954 Austin-Healey and drives from one end of the troubled country to the other with his wife and friends. Why? Mostly because it's fun, but also as a statement of defiance to those causing havoc in Pakistan.