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For Syria, A 'Lawrence Of Arabia' Moment

The iconic movie showed the turmoil that engulfed Syria at the end of World War I. As was the case a century ago, the world is again attempting to bring peace and order to Syria.

U.N. Chief: Syria Violating Cease-Fire Amid Apparent Deal On Observers

Ban Ki-moon warns that Syria isn't withdrawing troops even as the U.N. announces a deal on the observer mission.

In Kashmir Conflict Zone, The Glacier Is The Enemy

It's been years since shots were fired on the Siachen glacier, where troops from Pakistan and India face off. Still, both countries devote considerable resources and often pay high costs — a point driven home by the deaths of 140 Pakistanis in an avalanche.

Geithner: China's Yuan Changes Are Very Promising

U.S. companies and the U.S. government have long complained that China purposely undervalues its currency to maximize its exports. But on Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner offered some praise to China for making its currency more responsive to market forces.

Cruise Ship Didn't Aid Drifting Boat, Passengers Say

It was international news when a small fishing boat was found adrift at sea several hundred miles from the Panama town where it launched, with only one survivor. Now allegations have emerged that weeks earlier, while the men were still alive, an American-based cruise ship saw them, but didn't help.

After Decades Away, Tourists Return To Liberia

A cruise ship made a bit of history in Liberia this week: When it docked, its 150 passengers became the largest group of tourists to visit the West African nation since the 1970s. As piracy and terrorism make traditional destinations less attractive, alternatives such as Liberia may take their place.

Panetta Condemns Latest U.S. Troop Photo Scandal

Newly-published photos show U.S. troops in Afghanistan posing with the dead bodies of insurgents. The incident, first reported by The Los Angeles Times, occurred in 2010. It's the latest setback for the military's counterinsurgency strategy, which depends on winning the hearts and minds of the Afghan people.