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Death Toll Rising In Mexico; At Least 32 Dead After Explosion, More Than 100 Hurt

Rescuers continue to search the rubble at the headquarters of Mexico's state-owned oil company, where several floors were damaged. The blast's cause has not yet been determined.

Developing: 'Terrorist Blast' Outside U.S. Embassy In Turkey

News outlets say one or two people were reportedly killed by the Friday blast. The cause is not yet confirmed, but there are reports that it may have been the work of a suicide bomber. The State Department calls it a "terrorist blast."

Egyptian Cleric's Mission: Spread Salafi Doctrine

In the final part of Morning Edition's series on ultra-conservative Muslims known as Salafis, we meet an Egyptian cleric who has made it his mission to spread the Salafi doctrine throughout the country. Hesham al Ashry is a firm believer in the strictest interpretation of Islamic law.

Iran's 2009 Crackdown Resonates With Exiles

Iran is preparing for June's presidential election. It's the first since the controversial 2009 vote sparked massive protests when the government declared Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the winner. Thousands of Iranians have since fled the country. A number of exiles in neighboring Turkey have little optimism for the coming election campaign.

Tokyo Tries To Build Support To Host 2020 Olympics

In just eight months, the International Olympic Committee will select either Istanbul, Madrid or Tokyo as site for the 2020 games. Tokyo appears to be the favorite, but many Japanese are reluctant to push their case.

French To Hand Over Mali Campaign To African Forces

In the West African nation of Mali, French forces have led a military campaign to rid the country's vast northern desert of militants linked to al-Qaida. The French are preparing to leave, and hand over to an African peacekeeping force. To find out what happens next, Renee Montagne talks to Lindsey Hilsum, a correspondent for Britain's Independent Television News.