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Mali In Crisis Fractures Along Twin Fault Lines

After 20 years of apparent stability in turbulent West Africa, Mali is now battling dual crises: a rebellion in the north, and a military coup in the south. There are reports of gross human rights abuses, as well as fears that the Islamist-controlled north is fast becoming a terrorist safe haven.

From Politics To Punctuality: America's Surprises

First-time visitors to the U.S. turn to guidebooks not only for typical lodging and dining recommendations, but for advice on navigating the complexities of American culture. Atlantic associate editor Max Fisher examined several guidebooks and identified some of the subtle cultural nuances that U.S. residents take for granted.

Sinai: The Heightened Threat Of A Lawless Region

Suspected Islamic militants led a deadly attack on the Egypt-Israel border Sunday. Some then attempted to storm the border into Israel. The incident heightened awareness in both countries about the threat posed by the increased lawlessness in the Sinai Peninsula.

Venezuela's Olympic Hero Gets A Parade To Celebrate Long-Awaited Gold

Ruben Limardo gets a parade to welcome him home, with a record second gold medal. He endeared himself to many in England by taking a packed commuter train after his triumph — still in his track suit and with a gaudy gold medal hanging around his neck.

British Bank Denies Laundering Iranian Money; Say It's Not A 'Rogue Institution'

New York State regulators accuse Standard Chartered of handling 60,000 secret transactions for Iranian institutions. The bank's stock has plunged on the news. It denies any wrongdoing.