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Is Kofi Annan's Mission Dead In Syria?

There's new shelling in the Syrian city of Homs, just one day after the government was widely condemned for a massacre of more than 100 people in Houla. Also Egyptians protest election results. Host Michel Martin gets the latest developments in the Middle East and North Africa from Al Jazeera International's Abderrahim Foukara.

Bank Bailout Fund Floated As Way To Calm Crisis In Europe

As Spain's borrowing costs continue to go through the roof, the European Commission proposes a "banking union" for the 17-country eurozone. The plan would include a fund to protect individual governments from being overwhelmed by the cost of bank rescues.

Racial Tensions Boil Over In Israel

Israeli demonstrators turned violent last week when calling for the deportation of African immigrants. Host Michel Martin speaks with Ilan Lior, a reporter with Israel's Haaretz newspaper. They discuss the Tel Aviv protest and why tensions are boiling over between some Israelis and African immigrants.

'I Could No Longer Bear Witness To Such Barbaric Crimes,' Syrian Says

The man who has represented the interests of Syrians living in Southern California as honorary consul general there has resigned from the volunteer position. Last Friday's massacre in Houla was "the tipping point," Hazem Chehabi tells NPR.

WikiLeaks' Assange Has Two Weeks To Appeal Extradition Decision

The WikiLeaks founder has been fighting Swedish authorities' efforts to question him about alleged sex assaults. Britain's highest court has now said he can be extradited. But Assange's attorneys plan to challenge that ruling.

Liberia's Charles Taylor Sentenced To 50 Years For War Crimes

Taylor aided and abetted some of the "most heinous and brutal crimes recorded in human history," the presiding judge at an international war crimes court said in handing down the sentence.