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British Bank Accused Of Hiding Iranian Transactions

Standard Chartered Bank's New York office is accused of laundering up to $250 billion in Iranian funds over the past decade. The bank isn't well known in the U.S. but it does a huge amount of business in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Pakistan Blackouts Power Frustration At Government

The country's government says it can't afford to keep up with increasing electricity demand, as more and more people crowd into urban centers. But discontent over blackouts has some workers agitating for a return to military rule.

Growing Pains: Nations Balance Growth, Power Needs

India's massive power outage last week points to a major problem for developing nations: supply is struggling to keep up with the growing demand — an imbalance that can affect the reliability of electric grids. Grid catastrophes are rare, but blackouts can be an everyday feature of life.

Security Breach Tests Egypt's New President

A deadly assault on an Egyptian border post is proving to be the biggest challenge to face Egypt's new leader so far. Mohammed Morsi is now struggling to assure an exhausted nation that he can provide security as well as basic services. But he needs the support of the military, his biggest rival.
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A Treaty To Make Books More Accessible

Debate continues over a treaty that would relax copyright rules to make published work more accessible to the visually impaired living in developing countries.

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The Unrest In Syria - What Happens Next

We chat with a local activist in the Washington region who is part of the opposition movement pushing for regime change in Syria.