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Afghan Justice: A Brief Trial, A Lengthy Sentence

After decades of war, Afghanistan doesn't have much of a legal system. The Afghan government is struggling to set up a court system and public trials. But it's a slow effort, and the Taliban sometimes offer their own brand of justice.

Not Your Cold War NATO: Alliance To Examine Itself

This weekend, thousands will descend on Chicago to attend a NATO summit. The gathering will focus on Afghanistan, but discussions will also include the future of NATO itself, and whether it can overcome its shortfalls. Recent missions show just how far the alliance is from the solidarity of its early days.

U.N. Presence Fails To Prevent Syrian Bloodshed

U.N. monitors were attending a funeral in a northern Syria village when it turned into a protest, and then a violent clash. More than 30 people were killed, and the U.N. peace plan suffered another setback.

Are U.S. Troops In Australia A Hedge Against China?

The U.S. has sent Marines to Australia as part of a military pivot that will place greater emphasis on Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Some Australians are wondering how this might affect their relations with China.