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Taliban Takes Advantage Of Lull In U.S. Offensive

It's been nearly two months since Sgt. Robert Bales was accused of killing 17 Afghan civilians. After that, U.S. forces essentially stopped carrying out operations in the area of the massacre. As a result, the Taliban has been able to plant more explosives.

CIA Informant Foils Underwear Bomb Plot

There is more information on the story of the al-Qaida plot to bomb an airplane heading to the United States. It turns out, the man who was supposed to be the bomber was working for the CIA.

Greece's Left Wing Tries To Form A Government

A left-wing coalition opposed to austerity measures has received the mandate to form a new government. But it's unclear whether Syriza, the party that finished second in Sunday's election, can cobble together a government, raising the prospect of yet another round of voting.

Details Emerge About Underwear Bomb Creator

Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri is the man U.S. authorities believe is behind the latest bomb plot from al-Qaida's arm in Yemen. A former chemistry major dropout, Asiri was radicalized in a Saudi prison after he was arrested for trying to get to Iraq to fight the United States. He has been with al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula for six years but really made a name for himself among U.S. intelligence officials until 2009, when they discovered his fingerprint on the underwear bomb on Northwest Airlines Flight 253. Dina Temple-Raston talks to Audie Cornish about the bomb-maker.

Palestinians Rally Around Prisoners On Hunger Strike

At least 1,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are on hunger strike to demand an end to the practice of detention without trial as well as more frequent family visits, among other issues. So far, 10 jailed hunger strikers have been hospitalized; two are listed in critical condition.

Netanyahu Cancels Early Parliamentary Elections

On Monday, Israel announced it would hold early parliamentary elections. But in a stunning overnight turnaround, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled the vote and announced a new coalition government that will include the leader of the opposition Kadima Party. The surprise development has prompted a wave of speculation in Israel — much of it centered on the new coalition's policy toward Iran and its suspect nuclear program.