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Ecuador Gives WikiLeaks' Assange Asylum

The WikiLeaks founder has been living in Ecuador's London embassy since June. He's trying to avoid being extradited to Sweden, which wants to question him about allegations of sexual misconduct. Assange says his enemies want to eventually send him to the U.S.

More Carnage In Pakistan: Gunmen Execute About 20 Shiites

Gunmen reportedly stopped three minibuses, demanded that passengers show their IDs, and killed only those who were Shiite Muslims. That followed Thursday's attack by militants on an air base.

Ecuador Grants Assange's Asylum Request

The government of Ecuador on Thursday granted asylum to Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. Assange has been holed up at Ecuador's embassy in London for two months while the British government has demanded that he be handed over. He faces questioning in Sweden for alleged sexual misconduct.

Asked To Spy On Rebels, Syrian Soldier Becomes One

Ra'ed was 19 when he was drafted into Syria's elite Republican Guard unit two years ago. The Sunni Muslim conscript says his commanders, who were Alawites, never trusted him. He was asked to pose as a defector, and ultimately he joined their cause. Now in Lebanon, he fears being returned home, where he believes he would be killed.

In South Sudan, Cows Are Cash And Source Of Friction

In South Sudan, a man's worth is measured by bovine wealth, and ever-increasing dowries are paid in cows. Cattle-rustling is an age-old problem. But recently, these raids have become markedly more violent, and the new nation is having difficulty stopping them.