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Putin Cancels Visit To U.S., Meeting With Obama

Kremlin cites need to put finishing touches on newly re-installed Vladimir Putin's Cabinet.

Syrian Bomb Blasts Kill At Least 50

Local television has blamed the twin attacks - the largest since an uprising began - on terrorists. The deadly assault could further jeopardize a shaky cease-fire.

Jihadist Group Complicates Picture In Syria

Jihadists might have the same goal as the protesters and rebels in Syria — overthrowing the regime — but not the same plan for what would happen afterward, or the same ideology. Now a relatively new group, Jabhat al-Nusra Li-Ahl al-Sham, or Front to Protect the Syrian People, has entered the fray.

Critical Afghan Issue: Future Of Women's Rights

Before the U.S. invasion, life under the Taliban was horrendous for women. Morning Edition's Renee Montagne is reporting from Afghanistan at a time when the focus is on the future, and how the country will evolve as the war winds down.

After The Quake, Japanese Shop For Survival

Memories of the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan have created a niche industry of "disaster-protection gear." Many Japanese are now fully stocked up on emergency equipment, food and water.

Afghan Goal: Toning Down The Radical Preachers

Muslim clerics in Afghanistan often denounce the U.S. military presence and speak favorably of the Taliban. The Afghan government is now calling on the clerics to be more moderate, or face penalties.

Outing Of Al-Qaida Double Agent May Benefit CIA

U.S. officials now say that the man picked to bring a bomb onboard an airliner bound for the United States was actually an agent working on behalf of the CIA. That's the latest twist in a complicated tale — and it raises questions about just how dangerous the group behind the plot really is.