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U.N. Agency Watches Out For Domestic Workers

The International Labor Organization, the U.N. agency that deals with labor issues, has released a report on the growing number of domestic workers around the globe, and their lack of legal and worker protections. There are almost 53 million domestic workers and 83 percent are women. They have often been ignored by policy makers.

Israeli Political Ads Try To Weaken Netanyahu

The Israeli election campaign is moving into high gear with the major parties unveiling TV spots and infomercials, ahead of the January 22nd vote. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing alliance still leads the polls but another right-wing group is mounting a serious challenge.

Become A Successful Chinese Bureaucrat, In 5 Easy Steps

Tales of Machiavellian office politics are all the rage in China, where "bureaucracy lit" is flying off bookstore shelves. The books are read as both entertainment and as how-to guides for aspiring civil servants. Pioneers of the genre offer a path to success in China's corridors of power.

Venezuela's Chavez To Miss His Inauguration

The announcement by the government confirms suspicions the president's illness will keep him in Cuba past Thursday when he was scheduled to be sworn in. Chavez underwent his fourth cancer-related surgery in Cuba last month.

A Dash Of Olive Oil May Preserve Decaying British Cathedral

One of the world's most basic cooking ingredients could be the key to protecting some of Europe's most stunning buildings. The limestone used in England's 800-year-old York Minster is particularly vulnerable to pollution. The oleic acid in olive oil, British researchers say, may provide the protective coating needed to prevent further decay.

A Life Examined: Who Was The Victim So Brutally Murdered In India?

From interviews with her friends and family, The Wall Street Journal adds some details to the life of a young woman whose gang rape and death has shocked India and much of the world.