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Blood, Smoke, Fear: U.N. Video From Syria

United Nations monitors have posted video of the deadly destruction they've seen. And in one village, a man angrily declares: "We are people! We are not animals!

The Dingo Did Take The Baby

Baby Azaria's 1980 disappearance became international news after her mother was convicted of murder and Meryl Streep brought the story to the big screen. Now, a coroner has closed the case and agreed with the mom's explanation.

Syrian Children Are Being Killed, Tortured And Used As Shields, U.N. Says

"The world is keeping a detailed account of the violence committed against civilians in Syria," says the U.N.'s secretary-general for children and armed conflict. The report points at the Assad regime and its supporters as being responsible.

Hijacking Reveals Strains In China-North Korea Ties

North Korea's recent hijacking of three Chinese fishing boats has shaken ties between China and its old ally, six months after the death of reclusive North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. Now, some Chinese want their government to take a tough stance with North Korea.

After Libya's War, Acts Of Vengeance

The rebels of Misrata earned a reputation as some of the toughest fighters in the battle to oust Moammar Gadhafi last year. What the rebels did after Gadhafi's was gone is not nearly so well known.

As Drone Strikes Increase, So Do Concerns Over Use

Drones have become the U.S. weapon of choice in the fight against terrorism. But critics say the United States needs to be careful because its rationale for the use of the high-tech weapons could be abused by others.