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As The World Watches, Mandela Is Buried In His Humble Village

Under a sunny African sky, Nelson Mandela was buried Sunday on a hill overlooking his beloved boyhood village. Members of his clan, national leaders and a global audience bid farewell to the man who transformed his country and became one of the world's most revered figures.

Snow Chills Syrian Refugees As U.S. Suspends Aid To Rebels

A key human rights crusader has been kidnapped by Islamist extremists outside Damascus, and if life for Syria's displaced and refugees wasn't bad enough already, freezing temperatures have compounded the misery. NPR's Deborah Amos talks with Weekend Edition Sunday host Scott Simon about the latest developments in Syria.

Iranian Comedian Tries The U.S., Again

British-Iranian comedian and actor Omid Djalili gained a degree of fame in the United States talking about and even joking about issues of terrorism and the Middle East following 9/11. After several years and success in Britain, he's coming back to the States.

Science Becomes 'Sexy' With Fast Cars And Gangsta Physics

Can science be cool? This week, Ozy co-founder Carlos Watson tells NPR about a gangster-turned-astrophysicist and a race car driver working to making science "sexy" again. Plus, a look at the changing landscape of African art — no tribal masks allowed.

Africa Wanders From Mandela's Path To Democracy

Mandela showed the way as African states began to democratize in the 1990s. Today, African countries are holding elections with greater regularity than ever before, but it's still relatively rare for power to change hands at the ballot box.

South Africans Reflect On Mandela's 'Rainbow Nation'

Equality for all South Africans, regardless of race or color, was at the core of the struggle against apartheid. Nineteen years after Nelson Mandela was sworn in as the first black president in the country's first democratic elections, what is the status of race relations?

U.S. Reassesses Relationship With Rebel Groups In Syria

In Syria, the moderate rebel groups supported by the United States have largely been marginalized, as more radical Islamists have moved to the fore. The new developments are forcing the U.S. to reassess its options and to consider reaching out to Islamist groups from whom it had previously kept its distance. The new criterion for U.S. support may simply be a willingness to oppose al-Qaida in Syria.

Mandela's Home Town Prepares For Thousands Of Visitors

Nelson Mandela will be laid to rest Sunday in his rural homestead of Qunu, which leaves this modest region to cope with the influx of thousands wishing to pay their last respects.

Poem: Nelson Mandela, 'An Ordinary Man'

South African spoken word artist Thabiso Mohare performs under the name Afurakan. He shares a poem he wrote about Nelson Mandela.
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The Pope, Poverty And Policy

Pope Benedict stunned the world when he stepped down earlier this year. His successor, Pope Francis, has been shaking things up ever since. The first Jesuit to head the Vatican, Francis is renewing the Church's focus on poverty and putting a new face forward. We find out more about the history of the Jesuits, the Holy See and consider the influence Francis is having on policy around the world, including the United States.