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What Do You Pack For A Seven-Year Trip?

Journalist Paul Salopek is setting out from Ethiopia on a 21,000-mile walking tour that will follow the migration path of the earliest humans. But the story, he says, is about where the world is headed, not where it's been.

Rubles For Minutes, Not Mochas, At Russian Cafe Chain

At most cafes, a customer buys a drink or food and stays as long as it takes to consume it. But a Russian entrepreneur is experimenting with ways to change that: At his Clockface Cafes, money buys time, and everything else — from drinks to snacks to art supplies and event space — is free.

Clinics Come To The Rescue Of Ethiopia's Overworked Donkeys

In Ethiopia, there's a saying in rural areas: "A man without a donkey is a donkey." Donkeys are both a livelihood and a lifesaver for farmers, and when they fall sick, there are special donkey hospitals to treat them.