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Sarkozy Sews Up Seamstress' Unemployment Fix

For most of the 20th century, high-end lingerie maker Lejaby has done well. But in 2010 it closed three factories. And now it is shuttering its last, the only place where French lingerie is still made in France. Until President Nicolas Sarkozky stepped in, 93 seamstresses were going to be unemployed.

Egypt To Try 19 Americans Over NGO Funding

A lawyer for several of the organizations under investigation said the activists also include 2 Germans, 5 Serbs, 3 Arabs and 14 Egyptians. They have been referred to trial on charges they illegally provided foreign funding to non-governmental organizations. Among those being investigated is the son of U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

Russia's Hottest Protest Song, Courtesy Of The Military Elite

An Internet hit is becoming the anthem for Russian protesters as they march against Vladimir Putin's rule. The musicians in the video aren't rock stars; they're veterans of the Russian army.

Syria Veto 'Outrageous' Says U.N. Envoy Susan Rice

Russia and China blocked a U.N. Security Council resolution on Saturday that would have condemned the Syrian government for attacks against civilians. "What it means," Rice says, "is that many more Syrians, innocent Syrians, are going to be killed by their government."

Violence Rises In Syria As UN Falters

For nearly a year, Syria's government has sustained a violent crackdown against opposition protesters. The international community has struggled to agree on a unified response, and on Saturday, the latest effort to bring pressure on Syria's leaders fell apart. Host Rachel Martin talks with NPR's Kelly McEvers, who is monitoring developments in Syria.

Greece: Partial Agreement Reached With Creditors

The moment of truth has arrived for Greece. Sunday the government must finally reach agreement on the terms of a $170-billion bailout from the so-called troika: the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. John Psaropoulos reports from Athens.

For Reporter, Cruise Ship Disaster Is A Local Story

The cruise ship disaster off Italy's Tuscan coast still poses a threat to the pristine waters and idyllic islands. The local residents and frequent visitors are upset — and they include NPR reporter Sylvia Poggioli.

Employed But Not Paid, Some Greeks Voice Protest

Unemployment has doubled in Greece in the past two years, nearing 20 percent, and there are many Greeks with jobs who might as well be unemployed — they have not been paid for months. Some still show up for work every day, hoping that things will take a turn for the better.