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Libya Has Become The Flash Point Of Foreign Policy Debate

Last month's killings in Benghazi have led to a confusing argument about the Obama administration's response. Although Mitt Romney is certain to press his complaints during Monday's foreign policy debate, there's little sign that the public sees this as a voting issue.

Looking To Rebuild, Egypt Leans On New Constitution

Back in 2011, thousands of Egyptians put their lives on the line to start a revolution that would bring down a dictator. Now the justice and freedoms at the heart of that struggle are being defined in a brand new constitution. Weekend Edition host Rachel Martin talks with Nathan Brown, a professor of law in the Arab world at George Washington University, about what's at stake.

French Tweet Sweep Shows Twitter's Local Struggles

Twitter agreed to remove a flood of racist and anti-Semitic tweets on its service in France, following threats of a lawsuit by a Jewish student group. The move is part of a larger balancing act to comply with local hate-speech laws while avoiding over-policing its content.

China Criticized In U.S. Debates, But Stays Close

With the final presidential debate on Monday tackling foreign policy issues, surely China will be a familiar topic. It seems every four years, the U.S. relationship with China takes a beating during campaign events. Host Guy Raz speaks with James Fallows of The Atlantic about why candidates attack China yet presidents always balance their rhetoric.

Tourist Deaths Raise Poison Expert's Suspicions

Over the past few years, a string of young tourists, mostly Western women, have died mysteriously in Southeast Asia. One science writer and poison expert says a popular cocktail may hold a clue.

Hopes Rise For Girl Shot By Taliban

Just three and half weeks ago, Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by the Taliban. Weekend Edition host Scott Simon talks with NPR's Philip Reeves about the condition of the young girl who has become a poster child for the Talban's brutality.