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Hollywood's New Strategy: Supporting Chinese-Made Blockbusters

American studios are working hard to play well in China's gigantic — and growing — movie market, all while negotiating complex rules and competing with popular domestic films.

Crippled By Sanctions, Iran's Economy Key In Nuclear Deal

Iran's economy is in terrible shape. Inflation is rampant, Iran's currency — the rial — has plunged in value and oil exports have fallen dramatically. There's wide agreement that sanctions have squeezed Iran financially and increased pressure on its leaders to negotiate over the country's nuclear program.

The True Lives Of Fake Hitmen, Remaking Las Vegas, Johnnie Walker

This week on the podcast edition of All Things Considered, host Arun Rath goes inside the double lives of "fake" ATF hitmen, explores the new — and reformed — Sin City, and traces the money paid by banks for their roles in the financial crisis.

How Johnnie Walker Is Chasing The World's Middle Class

The Scotch whisky is the ninth best-selling brand of distilled spirit in the world. Journalist Afshin Molavi says it has grown globally by appealing to the expanding middle classes in places like Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and India.
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Tentative Iran Deal Surprises Local Lawmakers

Lawmakers in the region are closely watching developments with Iran.


Vatican Puts St. Peter's Bones On Display For The First Time

In a surreal, emotional ceremony, Pope Francis held bone fragments the Catholic Church believes are the relics of the apostle St. Peter, who is considered to be the church's first pope. The relics have been shrouded in mystery and intrigue for years.

Afghan Assembly Approves Security Plan, But Karzai Delays

Afghanistan's Loya Jirga resoundingly approved an agreement to allow up to 9,000 U.S. troops to stay in the country after the NATO mission ends next year. But President Hamid Karzai said he won't sign the deal, at least, not yet.

Israel Slams Iran Nuclear Deal

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the agreement to curb Iran's nuclear program a "historic mistake."

Iranians Hope For Normalcy After Nuclear Agreement

Iranians are used to bad news, so word of an international deal to halt the nation's nuclear program and the lifting of some sanctions was something extraordinary. Host Rachel Martin speaks with New York Times Tehran Bureau Chief Thomas Erdbrink.

Amid Crime And Poverty, Hondurans Go To The Polls

Hondurans vote for a new president on Sunday. Crime, gangs and drug cartel violence have made it among the most dangerous countries in the world. If that weren't enough to drive voters to the polls, Honduras's economy is nearly bankrupt, and more than half of the country lives in poverty.