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Lebanon Clashes Blamed On Spillover From Syria

Intense fighting in Lebanon has killed more than a dozen people over the past week. One deadly battle was sparked by the murder of an anti-Syrian Lebanese cleric. The violence is stoking fears that the conflict in Syria is spreading to its neighbors.

Spain's Beloved Four-Day Weekends Are At Risk

As an austerity move, Spain is considering rearranging its holiday schedule. Holidays that fall on a Tuesday or Thursday tend to become four-day weekends. But now there's a move to mark them on Monday, and limit the weekend to three days.

Mongolia's Dilemma: Who Gets The Water?

Mongolia is now tapping huge natural resources. But they're in the Gobi region, where traditional nomadic herding is under assault and desertification is a major problem. Herders are worried the mines will siphon off already dwindling water supplies, while trucks and roads destroy pastureland.

Next Goal For Egypt's Islamists Is The Presidency

The Muslim Brotherhood was the big winner in Egypt's parliamentary elections several months ago. Now the group has its sights on the presidency. Their candidate, Mohammed Morsi, is trailing in the polls, but will have the group's political machinery behind him in voting this week.