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Norway's Massacre Could Have Been Stopped Sooner, Commission Concludes

Plans to protect government buildings from vehicle bombs had been ignored. Also, police were slow in getting to the scene where the attacker was killing teens.

In Egypt, Talk Of Coups And Countercoups

President Mohammed Morsi's bold move to sack two top generals is generating much discussion about how it could be a decisive step toward democracy.

Report Issued On 2011 Shooting Rampage In Norway

A Norwegian commission on Monday issued a report criticizing authorities for failing to prevent and interrupt a bombing and shooting rampage by Anders Breivik. He killed 77 people last year. Most Norwegians feel their country showed the proper response to the violence.

Egypt's Military Chiefs Dismissed By New President

Egypt's first freely elected president made history Sunday when he ousted top military chiefs. Mohammed Morsi had been hesitant to confront the country's top brass, who've long been suspicious of the Islamist leader. But in one fell swoop, Morsi shifted the balance of power, ordered top generals into retirement and asserted civilian authority over the military leadership.

Poland Watches Warily As Euro Crisis Spreads

Poland is part of the EU but hasn't yet adopted the euro single currency. An economic success story during rough times, Poland's economy grew an average of nearly 4 percent annually since 2008. But now there is concern that the crisis in the eurozone may threaten the country's post-communist run of prosperity.