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France Braces For Backlash From Muslim Cartoon

After a French satirical newspaper published crude caricatures of the prophet Muhammad on Wednesday, the French government braced for angry reaction at home and abroad. It planned to close embassies, consulates, cultural centers and schools in 20 countries on Friday, the Muslim day of prayer. The government will block several demonstrations that had been planned around France to protest the American made anti-Muslim video that sparked deadly demonstrations in the Muslim world last week.

Ancient Paper Suggests Jesus May Have Been Married

Robert Siegel speaks with Elaine Pagels, religion professor at Princeton University, about the discovery of an ancient papyrus fragment that suggests some early Christians believed Jesus had a wife, and possibly a female disciple.

Syrian Rebels Fear Radicals May Hijack Revolt

Tensions are growing between the homegrown rebels and Islamist radicals who have come from abroad. They both oppose the Syrian government but disagree on many fundamental issues. Recently the rebels and the foreign radicals battled each other in northern Syria.

France On Alert, Closing Embassies, After Magazine Publishes Muhammad Cartoons

The weekly Charlie Hebdo has courted such controversy before. Its offices were firebombed last November after another issue that satirized the prophet. The new cartoons come amid high tensions over an anti-Islam video.

Japan Shocked By China's Fury Over Island Dispute

The head of Japan's Foreign Trade Council says China has started to delay imports of Japanese products. It's a replay of the de facto trade sanctions China imposed two years ago during a similar flare-up of tensions. The most recent confrontation was sparked by Japan's purchase of disputed islands which China claims sovereignty over. In Japan, the response to the more than a week of anti-Japanese protests across China has been shock.