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Old Ways Disappearing In The New Mongolia

With desertification, drought and a booming mining industry, Mongolians are leaving the traditional life of herding. Herdsman Bat-Erdene Badam says he will be the last in his family to tend livestock. His children are trading in their nomadic lives for more stable, often urban jobs.

Travel Apps That Help You Pack, Explore And Enjoy The Scenery

Mobile phones and tablets have put a world of information at our fingertips, even when we're on the go. It would seem natural, then, for smartphones to help make traveling easier and more fun. But not all apps are created equal — so we got advice from Lauren Goode, a senior editor at the All Things D blog.

Beijing Imposes 'Two-Fly' Rule For Public Restrooms

The rule, instituted to improve sanitation, applies to bathrooms in tourist spots such as parks, railway stations, supermarkets and malls.

Poachers Can Be Shot, Officials In India Declare

To protect the endangered animals, forest guards have been given the go-ahead to use lethal force if necessary. One minister has told rangers to "shoot at sight."

At Auction, Reagan's Blood Is Pricey But A Bargain Versus Fidel-Signed Flag

With all the Reagan veneration, it's not surprising there's a Reagan relic out there. A lab vial is said to contain a now dried blood sample from the president on the day he was nearly assassinated in March 1981. That the vial is up for auction has caused a controversy, with some denouncing the possible sale of the blood sample as a new and crass low in presidential memorabilia.

Former Imprisoned Drug Smuggler On Story Of Escape

In the 1970s, American Dwight Worker set out to smuggle cocaine from South America to the U.S. But his plan backfired and he wound up in one of Mexico's most notorious prisons. Worker tells host Michel Martin his story of imprisonment and escape.

Islamists Vs. Mubarak Holdovers In Egypt Elections

Campaign fever is in the air in Cairo and around Egypt. Millions of voters go to the polls, Tuesday and Wednesday, for what many believe to be the country's first free election in its long history. Host Michel Martin discusses what's at stake in this election with Sherine Tadros, the Egypt correspondent for Al Jazeera English.