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U.N. Monitors Fail To Halt Violence In Syria

In some parts of Syria, the fledgling U.N. monitoring mission is bringing calm. In others, the violence is getting worse. When monitors left a district in the central city of Hama, government troops pummeled the area with tanks and artillery, and snipers shot residents dead, according to activists.

Fighting In Sudan Displaces 35,000 People

The violence between the two Sudans has displaced more than 35,000 people, according to the United Nation's High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres. Michele Keleman spoke with him about that and the ongoing violence in Syria, despite the presence of UN monitors.

Sudan And Republic Of South Sudan Debate Borders

Bombs fell on towns in the Republic of South Sudan this week, less than a year after the country declared its independence from Sudan. At issue is a disputed border than runs through some of the region's richest oil fields. Robert Siegel talks with Jonathan Temin, director of the Sudan program at the U.S. Institute of Peace, about the history of the conflict.

U.K. Enters 'Double Dip' Recession

Robert Siegel talks to Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator for the Financial Times, about the U.K.'s slide back into recession.