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Justice For Argentina's 'Stolen Children;' 2 Dictators Convicted

Nearly four decades later, there's some solace for the families of young women in Argentina who were killed after giving birth under orders from the country's then-dictators. The women's babies — Argentina's "stolen children" — were then handed over to loyal members of the military.

Election To Start New Chapter In Libya's History

Steve Inskeep talks to James Hider, a correspondent for the Times of London, who is in Libya ahead of Saturday's elections. Voters will elect a 200-member assembly that will choose a cabinet to replace the self-appointed interim government.

U.N. Human Rights Council Backs Internet Freedom

The main human rights body of the United Nations is backing a landmark resolution that states people have a right to freedom of expression on the Internet. The resolution got nearly universal support — even from countries that censor the Internet.

Why The Barclays Scandal Affects More Than Britain

The Planet Money team digs into the rate-setting scandal engulfing the British bank Barclays. Emails reveal bank employees were shockingly casual and explicit in their communications about manipulating one of the key financial benchmarks in the global economy.

Kenya's HIV Challenge: Easing Stigma For Gay Men

HIV rates among men who have gay sex in Kenya are three times higher than the national average. To curb those high transmission rates, health workers must first convince gay men to be open about their sex lives in a country where coming out of the closet can mean discrimination, violence and even jail.

CEO Ruffles Lawmakers By Using Their First Names

Bob Diamond, the ousted CEO of Barclays, spoke before a committee of Britain's House of Commons on Wednesday. He raised some eyebrows by addressing the members by their first names. Robert Siegel talks with Teresa Pearce, a Labour member of Parliament, about the parliamentary faux pas

Old Politics Are New Again In Mexico

What happened to Mexico's National Action Party? It was the party that finally broke seven decades of PRI rule in the country and promised to bring long sought-after reforms to the country. Why did voters throw them out of office after two terms? Was the vote a referendum on Felipe Calderon's war on drugs?