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Festive Nanjing Road Recaptures Shanghai's Heyday

Nanjing Road is Shanghai's most famous and dynamic shopping and walking street. On summer evenings, bands play for crowds and revelers dance to techno music. It's a bit of a rebirth for the city, and the road, which had lost much of its 1920s and '30s vitality under Mao Zedong's rule.

Some Israeli Parents Rethink Ritual Circumcision

A debate is growing among Israel's secular Jewish majority over the question of whether to circumcise newborn sons. The vast majority still chooses to have the procedure done, but voices of dissent are on the rise.

The Spice Man Cometh To Cuba, A Hot Land Of Bland Food

In a land of mainly fried and mildly spiced foods, Cedric Fernando is hoping to perk up the Cuban palate by opening the island nation's first Indian restaurant. But he's still got a business back in London, just in case.

What Pussy Riot Ruling Means For Russian Regime

The all-female Russian punk band Pussy Riot is facing two years in prison after being found guilty of hooliganism. According to columnist Anne Applebaum, of all the attention paid to the case, a recent show of support from Madonna could prove most damaging to the regime.