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U.S. Considers Involvement In Mali As Extremists Seize Territory

The U.S. is mulling over ways to help France, as the French military continues its bombing raids in Northern Mali. The State Department says it shares the French goal of restoring order in part of that African country which is now overrun by extremists, including an al-Qaida affiliate. But the U.S. has long argued that the solution needs to be African-led, so the Obama administration — while offering France some "limited logistical support" — is also trying to speed up efforts to train an African intervention force for Mali.

Despite French Air Strikes, Islamic Militants Seize More Territory In Mali

A town in central Mali has been taken over by Islamist insurgents, after France intervened to prevent further advancement by local rebels. Audie Cornish speaks with Adam Nossiter, West and Central African bureau chief for The New York Times.
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Drones And Their Use In Counterterrorism

U.S. drone strikes have killed several high-level al-Qaida operatives, but critics argue the civilian toll is too high and there is too little transparency. The changing way we fight war.


Flash Mob Brings Some Sunshine Into Spanish Unemployment Office

A performance of "Here Comes the Sun" brought smiles to a group of jobless Spaniards gathered to request government benefits.

A Supreme Court Justice Gets Personal: Sotomayor's Family Photos

Diabetes, divorce, and liver and onions: Sonia Sotomayor shares her best and worst memories — along with family photos — in an intimate interactive feature.

Saudi King Invites Women To Join The Debate ... From Another Room

During his rule, King Abdullah has introduced a series of reforms directed at women. But there are still sharp limits. The monarch has now named women to a top advisory body, but they can't gather in the presence of the men.